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How Far is Influencer Marketing Suitable for Your Business?

Influencer Marketing

Every day we live and breathe influencer marketing. Still, most of us do not know what is it. Influence marketing is the latest marketing trend that utilizes the key leaders to reach the message of a brand to the larger target audience. With the help of influencer marketing, you can hire or inspire influencers to promote your brand to a huge market. Influencer marketing is closely associated with social media marketing and content marketing.

In most of the cases, influencer marketing incorporates some social-media components as the influencers are assigned for spreading the word of a brand using their personal social channels. At the same time, some other influencer marketing campaigns also exist that carry an element in which either the brand create content for the influencers, or they develop the content themselves. Don’t take social media and content marketing as synonymous with influencer marketing, rather you can consider these two elements as two integral parts of influencer marketing. According to a recent survey, almost 84% marketers keep at least one influencer marketing campaign in their marketing strategy

Defining a Influencer for your brand

1. You need to be selective while bringing influencer in action . Based on your brand , you need to find whether an activist, celebrity, or authority is the best to carry out the promotional works for you. For example, Justin Bieber cannot act as an influencer to bring sales for your digital marketing agency

2. Influencers need to have a good social reach , so that their recommendation is heard by a maximum number of people

3. Influencers acts an “opt-in” networks and they no way can compel their verdict on the users . However with a strong influencer recommendation audience takes an action . Here comes the importance of the actionalbilty of the influencers.

Social Media Influencers

In the simplest terms, influencers are those people who influence others. A social media influencer is assigned for wielding the influence through their social networks. Every influencer has their own method. Therefore, influence methods can vary. Influencer marketing originates from celebrity endorsements. Advancement of digitalization has turned that celebrity-based influencer marketing into an online marketing where regular people having a strong social presence are the real celebrities.

When should you Consider Influencer Marketing for Your Business?

Traditional marketing has taken a set back in this era of Social media and online shopping. Brands needs to find out more ways to reach the customers and create a positive impact upon them. Online ads can be a smart move, but hey people do have ad blockers now to stop your ad from displaying in their browsers. Marketing is about innovation and influencer marketing definitely has an element of innovation in it in every sense.

Requirements and circumstances through which a business is passing are different from the other business. Here, I am going to discuss certain requirements and situations that strengthen the want of influencer marketing for your brands.

Extend the Reach of Your Brand Message

People prefer recommendation , Word of mouth, creates an impact strong enough to influence the purchasing decision . How about this recommendation coming from your influencer ? Influencer acts a connecting link between the brand and the target consumer

Generally, people employ influencer marketing to extend the reach of their brand messaging. The influencer work on this through social media in most of the cases. They prepare content for the brand and post contents for the brand on their own social networks. When you are assigning an influencer, you can piggyback on your influencer’s follower base to get a broader audience and to promote your brand in such ways that you can never execute through your own social circles.

Is everything getting over your head? Ok, take the example of National Pork Board into consideration. National Pork Board has teamed up with Latino social media influencer to inspire the Hispanic American families to serve more porks at family dinner or get-together during the holiday season.

Boost the Credibility of Your Brand

Credibility is a priceless asset for any business. If you have credibility, success will bound to come to you. Otherwise, you know the result! If you need to boost the credibility of your brand, you should consider influencer marketing to improve your credibility. For inspiration, you may look at the renowned clothing company ThreadBeast which created a series of Facebook Ads with influencers including Nightwing2303 to draw the optimal attention of the customers and to establish their credibility before their customers.

Influencers take your business to their wide audiences. Well, you will get more than this. Along with their audience, you will be able to reach their audience’s network as well. It greatly contributes in boosting your credibility.

Inspire the Actionability

An influencer not only paves your path to a broader target audience, they also encourage the audience to take an action seeing the posts for your brand. Influencers, of course, can’t force an audience to take an action. They are considered as an “opt-in” network. They can present your brand before the audience in an impressive way to convince them to take an action. Influencers marketing for your product not only do bring their own network to play , but brings an addition of their audience network as well . The audience network of an influencer is loyal and this brings the added advantage, which works well in brands favor bringing more exposure to the website and your social media platforms

Make Your Social Media Presence Stronger

What would happen if you could stronger your social media presence without spending hours on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? Yes, it is possible. It is expected that your influencers have a larger audience on their social networks. Their audience can follow their blogs or Twitter handle. Whenever they share a post on your brand, the post is exposed to a number of people.This is their way of engaging the audience. Once people get engaged, they can go through the topics discussed over there. When the audience is happy with your brand, they would recommend it to the people on their own networks. Isn’t it a great trick?

Where to find the influencers?

1. Monitoring on Social Media can let you get in touch with the right people who can advocate your brand .Find out people with a good number of social followers who has the credibility to connect your brand with masses.

2. Setting up on Google Alert. You should keep setting alerts for keywords which are important for your brand and identify public figures or personalities who are carrying discussion or posting a content mentioning your brand . Identify them , they can act as a good influencer for you

Key Components of Influencer Marketing

If you have decided to launch an influencer campaign, you should know about the key components of influencer marketing. Find out the key components below:

1. Point out the key brand or product influencer; you can do it by manually or through a reliable platform.

2. Develop a marketing campaign that is directed only to the influencers you are looking for.

3. Make a secondary marketing campaign for your influencers ready

4. Don’t forget to track the key metrics (reach, sales, and brand awareness)

A Final Takeaway

Now, hopefully, you know enough about influencer marketing to determine whether you should grab it or not. Marketing is a kind of game, if you know the tricks, you win half of the game instantly. Same is applicable to influencer marketing. If the requirements of your business suit the approach of influencer marketing, all you need is a perfect campaign plan.

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  • Influencer marketing is a good buzz word phrase for what we used to call “knowing people you do business with”

    As brands grew in the 20th Century, we pushed out messages to the masses without a relationship. Now we have all been connected so well that we can reach people one to one. The only limit is the size of our network. Building relationship with those who do have relationships with your customers is the next best thing to shaken each of millions of hands.