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Frequently Asked Questions

Websites and mobile app development times vary depending on project complexity. Simple projects may require 3 weeks more complex projects as long as 4 months. The time to complete a project is heavily dependent on how engaged our clients remain throughout the development process.

Each employee must track their time for every project in 15 minute increments. This data is reviewed by managers daily and reported to our clients via a private link.

Our founder Sudeep Banerjee started B3NET in 1999.

There are four ways to talk with us. Clients can email Sales@b3net.com or the specific person assigned to your project. Call our office (714) 936-0208 or through the private project thread created for each of our clients, lastly, if you choose you may make an appointment to meet in our office.

At the time of your acceptance of the project. We require a 50% deposit to get started. If there are no out of scope changes to the project, the 2nd 50% is due after testing and before the website or mobile app goes live.

Services are provided on an hourly basis. We provide estimates of the total completed project based on similar projects we've built in the past. Estimate of hours allow for some flexibility of 5% over the estimate without additional charges to our clients.

Everyone needs flexibility to make changes. We are very flexible and understand this is inevitable We will guide you through the stages of development. Once we complete a stage going backwards takes additional hours and may add hours to your project. Clients who are thinking of changes are always made aware if they are about to make changes which may exceed our original estimate or the scope of the project.

Not usually. We suggest you purchase a hosting account for $4-$20 per month depending on your site requirements. We will configure the hosting account and install your website included in the service at no additional cost.

Yes. Sometimes projects have custom codes and require additional testing after your project is live. We will fix any errors in code at no additional charge for the first 30 days after your site is live. Note this is ONLY if no other programmers have touched the codes we built. We are not responsible for codes other programmers inserted later after our work.

As a general rule, yes. You should have one or two paragraphs or sentences for each page where applicable. If you don't want to provide content. We have 3rd party writers who can write the content for you.

We can. Its better if you can take pictures to use for your website or buy stock photos online that we can insert into pages of your Website.

All websites require some type of basic maintenance. Depending on the traffic and type of website you own will determine how much maintenance is required per month. B3NET does provide maintenance services.

Designing, programming and coding a website is not the same as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We have other teams internally who work in this area. Ask and we can suggest a package or service to fit your budget.

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