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8 Effective Reasons Behind the Importance of Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

When most of the people do lots of parties in the months of January and February to welcome the brand new year, marketers spend their days and nights in thinking an effective marketing plan for the current year. You might have already read a number of articles about the digital marketing strategy. But have you ever considered content strategy in particular? The importance of content marketing is no doubt immense for the digital marketers. But being aware of the importance is not enough. You should make an effective content marketing strategy as well. An effective content strategy must be a documented one. Documented strategy clearly outlines the goals and the procedure to achieve those goals.

Content has been called the king of digital marketing. Still, if you want more reasons to be convinced, I have all the valid reasons.

Let’s have a look at the reasons:

1. Content is the most effective advertising tool

Content is no doubt an important marketing and advertising tool. Most of the marketers depend on the SEO or search engine optimization to better the search rankings, lead generation, and website traffics. According to a research conducted by Ascend2, 72% marketers appreciated content strategy as the most effective SEO tactic. Content drives leads and sales; that is why the content should be the center of your marketing strategy.

2. You need to face stiff competition always

As everyone comes to know about the effectiveness of content marketing, the competition is getting harder. Every business is trying to generate unique and engaging contents, So, now it has become a great challenge to generate the high-quality contents. If you want to outshine your competitors, you must add serious value to your content. You need to provide your customers something that is not provided by your competitors. Why should a customer choose you among so many similar businesses? You need to show them the difference between your business and your competitors in standard and efficiency.

3. Content marketing is no more limited to blog posts

In the present situation, every marketer should think something more than mere blog posts. You need to increase the numbers of your blog postings and newsletters. You need to produce quality contents regularly. The content strategy can help you to decide which type of contents and topics should be most beneficial for your brand. It will make you create an editorial calendar to create and distribute a certain amount of content regularly.

4. A bunch of new avenues is there for you

A bundle of new avenues is waiting for your content in this year 2017. Let’s go 5 years back when there was no connection between Snapchat or Instagram and businesses. That is why it was really difficult to coordinate a live stream then. But the entire scenario has been changed now. Now we have a number of avenues, so it is important to decide which avenues should be best for your brand. You should be strategic to do everything in proper order and effectively. An efficient content strategy can help you to point out the best platforms for optimizing your business.

5. You have to show the stakeholders positive outcomes

In the previous days, marketers needed to produce quality contents and make them seen by loads of people. But, now, the process gets more complicated. For the marketing initiatives, the demand for accountability is rapidly increasing. When you have a content strategy, you will be led to following the exercise of creating goals and metrics to measure them. In this way, you can show your stakeholders positive results.

6. High-quality contents mean most liked and shared contents

National Center for Biotechnology Information reveals that the attention span of a human being was 12 seconds in the year 2000 while it had become 8 seconds in the year 2015. It implies that now you should put many efforts in getting and keeping the attention of your customers. The importance of content marketing strategy, therefore, lies in producing high-quality contents. Engaging and standard contents get shared, liked and consumed.

7. Consuming is getting social every day

We all spend long hours in socializing, even while consuming. So, you need to think from a consumer’s point of view. The social networks have become most effective shopping platforms. With a simple click on the “Buy” button feature of Facebook advertisement, the customers can enjoy a flexible shopping while socializing. An efficient social media content strategy should include your plan for managing the community of your brand. It should also include how you can compel the target audience to click on the “buy” button on Facebook ads.

8. Content tells your customers the story of your business

People always like to listen to stories instead of boring articles. So, you should present your contents just like interesting stories before your customers. What can be a better way to tell the customers the story of your business than content? You need to tell your customers the story of your business with the help of interesting contents. Almost 90 percent Americans seem to trust the brands who always try to make difference. So, You need to deliver contents that can let them know how your products are better than the rest and why your products are unique.

Final Takeaway

Every entrepreneur wants to make profit. And for making profit, you need to produce content for the top (top of the funnel refers to the brand awareness), middle (middle funnel stands for evaluation of your business by your customers) and end section (end section, of course, indicates to purchase) of your sales funnel. Your content should make people interested in your business and help them to get your products or services. Content strategy is an integral part of digital marketing. The points, discussed above, are enough to establish the importance of content in digital marketing. If yo want revolutionary improvement in your traffic and lead generation, and sales, you must make an effective content strategy.

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