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Did you know that approximately 7.5 million websites are using WordPress?
Yeah, that’s quite a lot! What might come across as a big surprise is that WordPress was just used for creating blogs when it first hit the market. Sounds unbelievable, but it is true! Now, can you even imagine the world of web designing without WordPress? Fast forward to the world of Internet marketing and WordPress since then has gained popularity over the years. You can do blogs, CMS websites, directories, video network sites, real estate websites and much more. Today it has become one of the most kickass platforms in web development.
A little more about WordPress, it is an open-source and free Content Management tool with a whole new exciting features and plug-ins that will do wonders to your website and keep the online traffic to your website soaring high. Simply put, WordPress is a state-of-the-art, specifically focusing on usability, web standards, and aesthetics. WordPress is an indomitable resource of content creation, publishing and management giving you gallons of scope to let your creativity flow. It also boasts of a gamut of features which include advanced plug-ins, media management, strong spam protection and a lot more.

WordPress Developed Website

Let us take a quick look at some of the popular sites powered by WordPress. Here are some popular ones…
  • Ebay– The official blog of Ebay is managed by WordPress.

  • Yahoo– The multiple blogs that Yahoo owns is also managed by WordPress. The design is kept simple yet appealing and this WordPress site appeals to Yahoo’s wider user base.

  • Forbes
    – This leading financial news and business information monthly publication’s onlineinterface is also powered by WordPress.

  • Wall Street Journal– This website powered by WordPress boasts of a sophisticated design to strike a chord with all genres of people.

  • Tech Crunch– Looking for breaking news on technology? Click on TechCrunch for latest offers, Internet products and updates about technology which is also powered by WordPress.

  • Ford– This automotive giant has also taken resort to WordPress to power its blog. That’s not all, Jason has also gone forward to say, “Ford Motor Company has launched a WordPress site, and it’s pretty kickass.”

WordPress Websites Developed by B3NET

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Why have a WordPress Content Management System Website ?

  • Open Source
  • Cost Effective
  • Robust
  • SEO Friendly
  • No Licensing fees
  • Optimizes development cost
  • Easy to manage and update
We would like to point out something that is very cool about WordPress. It is easy to add pages and content in a WordPress website, which means, you can keep your visitors updated about the news and views of your business. By subscribing to your blog’s RSS, your visitors can consume all information you pour in and they will keep coming back to receive the latest updates. B3NET Inc. is a solid web design and development firm in Orange County and has been successful in offering WordPress websites, blogs, directories, intranets and specialized WordPress plugins with design and development. Over the years, we have traced a pattern of an increasing use of WordPress much more than just a blog. Check out our portfolio as you know we are the right partner. Call us now 714.936.0208
The additional powers of WordPress Development:
WordPress Site Design
At B3NET Inc. we can custom design your WordPress site and themes. Our designers can provide architectural information (wire frames) and mock ups of visual styling and design to ensure that your site becomes smart, functional and beautiful. That’s not all, we can simply upgrade the look of your website by skinning it and changing its theme on the WordPress dashboard, rather than going through the hassle of creating a new website altogether.
WordPress Development
Your website should give you an edge over others and that’s what our team of developers strive to do. Create a one-of-a-kind website with themes that perfectly reflect the motto of your business. We help companies to maintain the individuality of their business. We prioritize on functionality and usability over anything else.
At B3NET, our developers provide full support from requirement analysis to maintenance service. Our project managers are designed to work closely with you to ensure effective development and deployment of your WordPress portal. Our testing team shall conduct rigorous test at each stage to offer you the best possible web solutions.
WordPress Plug-in Integration
Our group of experienced developers can install and customize WordPress plug-ins to suit your specific needs. WordPress supports thousands of plug-ins that expand the capabilities of a website. We incorporate these plug-ins and bring in drastic improvements to the functionality of the website. Whether you wish to add physical locations by integrating an interactive map into the layout or integrate plug-ins in the contact forms inviting questions and suggestions, you take your call and we get it done! Even we can do A/B Split testing on WordPress with plug-ins.
WordPress SEO
A WordPress website needs to be optimized to drive-in online traffic and leverage sales. At B3NET we help you attain that! We specialize in optimizing WordPress websites. We adhere to the most ethical SEO standards and utilize state of the art techniques to promote your website online. Our team of SEO professionals and web marketing experts would rightly strategize the WordPress SEO campaign and help generate volumes of traffic to your site.
Why Choose B3NET?
B3NET is well-versed with all the nut bolts of WordPress including templates, themes, modules (plug-ins) and others.
Skilled Team of Developers
Our experienced WordPress developers can rightly help you develop a WordPress website that is functional and user-friendly. We know what it takes to keep a website secured.
Highest Quality Standards
We prioritize quality above everything else and conform to the highest quality standards to offer you venerable web solutions. The websites we develop undergo rigorous 'Quality Checks' to ensure that there are no bugs.
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