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Why Regular SEO Auditing is A Must For Your Website

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Does your business have a website? How long do you have this website? How often do you update or audit your website? Is it generating as much revenue or traffic as it used to generate earlier? These are important areas that every business owner should evaluate.

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization. A lot of business owners have a notion that creating an SEO optimized website is a one-time affair. It is enough to ensure proper web presence. But as a lot of us now know, this is not true.

There are aspects of SEO that a business simply can’t ignore if they want to remain in business. Therefore, marketing managers suggest website audits to understand the shortcoming of a web page and make the necessary changes. The process helps to keep a website updated and ahead of the competition.

So what is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a technical process that evaluates the haleness of a website. The auditor checks the infrastructure of a website against a checklist. They assess both the on-page elements as well as off-page essentials which will help in better usability, visibility and conversion.

Why perform SEO audits for a website?

An SEO audit is an important component in the SEO strategy of a company. Therefore, such audits need to be performed at regular intervals, that will help identify the drawbacks of an existing website and help you work to eliminate them.

Here’re some reasons why a website needs SEO audits regularly –

  • Algorithms Changes – Search engines keep updating their algorithms for better search results. It’s important to know the changes in these algorithms and make adjustments in the website’s content regularly.
  • Webmaster’s Guideline – Webmaster tools from Bing or Google are constantly changing. Accordingly, websites need to be changed to make it compliant.
  • Changes in SEO rules – The SEO rules change every year or quarter. Accordingly, the SEO strategy for a website needs to be revised, with every rule change. Therefore, SEO audits help to ensure that a website is attuned with the latest rules.
  • Website errors – Performing SEO audits are helpful in exposing the errors in a website like broken links or error messages. Thus, it enables you to redirect these errors and recover the lost traffic.
  • Review links to your website – With SEO audits, you can review those linking to you, and clean up accordingly, which helps in search engine rankings.
  • Outdated Content – Your website content can be outdated. Both visitors and search engines like fresh content. So keep updating the website with fresh content.

Apart from these elements, there are other on-site SEO elements which are considered for a better optimized website.

SEO audit options and processes

As established, there is no doubt in accepting that an SEO audit is a critical step in evaluating the state of SEO in a website. This process can be done in a quick fix way where diagnosis for the site is available for a few hours.

Then there can be an extensive site audit which takes the time of a few days. In case you opt for a detailed audit of the site, there are basically three critical areas that need attention. They are –

  • On-page SEO audit
  • Technical audit
  • Link audit

The on-page SEO audit

An on-page audit process is often considered the most important and extensive process of any Website audit. Let’s have a look at the important elements of an on-page SEO audit.

By using the Google’s Webmaster Tools, a free on-page SEO audit tool, you can easily find the missing or duplicate title tags on the website. Just go to the optimization option of the tools and then select HTML improvements. Under it there are many suggestions, to audit the page.

  • Title tags – Title tags are used to make the page content on each page unique. Moreover, they are fundamental in securing ranks on the search engine. Try to invest time in writing unique title tags with keywords for each page.
  • Missing Title tags – One of the main purposes of carrying an on-page SEO audit is to identify pages with missing title tags or having just the company name in the title tag.
  • Duplicate Title tags – Again by using the Google’s Webmaster Tools, you can identify pages with duplicate title tags and replace them with new unique tags which do a lot of good for the website.
  • Meta Tags – Meta description tag is directly related to the increase or decrease of the CTR (click-through-rate) in the organic search of a page. Try to create meta descriptions within a limit of 155 characters, describing the content of the page in a way it benefits users.
  • Missing Alt tags – Alt tags are important for the optimization of images in your website, which helps search engines in indexing them. With on-page website audit, you can find if your pictures lack alt tags or are having incorrect tags.
  • Missing image names – Naming images in a website is important in its optimization process. The auditing process helps in making sure that images are properly named.
  • H Tags – When auditing a website look for H tags or header tags. Ideally, a website must have two H tags (H1 tag in the headline of the page and H2 as the main sub-headline).
  • Content – The content of the website should be of high quality and unique. Check the proper length and use of keywords in your content. Also, make sure no two pages in your website have the same content. Try to update the content of the page regularly by incorporating on-site Blog in your website.

Technicalities of performing an SEO audit

Of course, a highly detailed SEO audit is essential for a website’s success. However, this is a highly technical process and therefore, if one does not have the proper knowledge and means to do it, it can be a complicated task to accomplish.

Here is a list of areas that experienced SEO auditors look into when they perform SEO audits for a website.

  • Perform a detailed Crawl of the website – Webpages can be crawled with the aid of many free applications available over the internet. These applications crawl each page of a website like a search engine.
  • This activity easily identifies URL issues, redirects, page titles, duplicate pages, headings, meta descriptions and much more. You can export the crawled report to an excel spreadsheet and analyze the data.
  • Register the website with Google Webmaster Tools – Once ownership with Google is verified, you have access to detailed information about your website like links to your web page, search queries, crawl errors, sitemaps and HTML improvements.
  • Add Google Analytics – This tool offers detailed behavioral information about users visiting your website. Information like how long an average visitor spends on a website or what device most of the users use along with a bundle of other small but valuable details can be gathered through this tool.
  • Duplicate content and URL redirects – The “HTML” improvements’ section in Google Webmaster Tools addresses the duplicate title tags, which contributes to better user performance. Moreover, by redirecting URL, visitors do not encounter error message which enriches the user experience.
  • Add XML sitemap – Once suggested changes in the website are made, incorporate an XML sitemap, so that major search engines can easily scan and index the content of the page.


The search engine industry is highly volatile and to keep up with the constant competition, regular SEO audits can be incredibly valuable for your website. By performing audits correctly by orange county seo company, you can keep issues regarding your website at bay, improving its performance and user experience.

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