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The Various Advantages Of Having An On-Site Blog


Everyone has a blog these days! Most of them do not even know what the purpose of a blog is or how they can properly use it. All they do is create an account on a popular CMS, make some minor modifications, and start writing about their life experiences. They just blog because everybody else is doing it; and perhaps, having a blog makes them “cool” in some ways. C’mon, it’s really fine to use a blog for this purpose. But the problem with these personal blogs is that there are no proper goals.


To Blog Or Not To Blog


Do not confuse yourself with people who blog for fun. You are a businessperson, and your blog should be the place where you share your knowledge about your products and services, post a write-up or a video on related topics, and interact with peers and potential customers. If your blog is successful in becoming a reliable source of information as well as the hub of relationship building, only then can you expect your business to grow to new heights.


However, there is a little catch! Simply put, there are 2 kinds of blogs you can create. On one hand, you can go for an independent blog site. This is termed as an “off-site” blog. On the other hand, you can create a blog page and add it into your existing website. This is popularly known as an “on-site” blog. So now the question is: which between these two types should you adopt? From a personal standpoint, I’ll always support an on-site blog. Why is that so? Let me make things clear.


Fresh Content is Super Valuable


In the eyes of major search engines like Google, your website becomes worthy of recognition when it adds fresh content on an ongoing basis. You cannot change your Homepage, About Us or Products page that easily. Posting 2-3 new entries into the on-site blog is, therefore, the best solution. Having a frequently updated on-site blog sends a signal to search engines that you deserve to get higher rankings in the SERPs.


More Internal Links bring More Engagement


Whenever you will make a new entry on the on-site blog, it will become an internal link connected to your Homepage and all the other pages in your website. The more engagement & popularity your blog posts will gain, greater will be the chances that some of its authority will pass on to the other pages. Moreover, this will be a positive sign for search engines and they might redirect your blog visitors to those other pages on your website as well.


More Content is More Traffic


Let us not forget about the traffic a popular on-site blog brings to a website. Unique, informative and thought-provoking topics can easily create a huge buzz if promoted properly. This will bring a huge amount of traffic to your on-site blog. And if your visitors like what they see in your website, they will not only subscribe and come back, but will also share your posts and talk about them on social media. With your on-site blog being exposed to more and more channels, just imagine the kind of traffic you will start getting soon.


The relationship between a website and an on-site blog is reciprocal, where both of them gets benefits from each other… and this is something an off-site blog cannot give you. So think about the future of your business and choose the best option for yourself.

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Sarah Clark

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Sarah Clark, working in B3NET Inc. as Technical Editor. B3NET is leading orange county web design company in California.