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Redesigning Websites to Ascertain Higher Returns


Just like the ever changing fashion world, the website styles also undergo rapid changes and developments. Sometimes these changes are so overwhelming than that of the real world, that you do not even realize that the website is out-of-date and out-of-place. Websites that do not reflect the latest trends or its forte does not depict about the personal brand, or the specialties, abilities or the client’s work ethics are inexcusable in this online world. These websites need a much more refined presence. They need to redesign!


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Authenticate the reason for redesigning of the website. Based on looks or that the website is tad boring are not reasons enough. As redesign is fraught with hidden costs and ramifications, this should be done only after careful contemplation. The purpose of the website redesign should be the improvement of usability, up-gradation of the brand or reintroduction in the era. The idea is to salvage from the present to create an effective design which symbolizes and adhere to the future.

This blog is about how effective is website redesign. A step by step procedure, we will guide you to create websites which are futuristic and yet have attributes that enables you to stay ahead in this game. The World Wide Web endows anybody the power of being a web designer especially with the free availability of the tools. But to be an effective one, you need experience, expertise and understanding. Do-it-yourself or an expert, website redesigns need proper planning and skilled labor. It’s often said that freelance website design is “masochism let loose” but the approved designer would ask about the design brief, content, budget, timeline and the constraints.

The first step towards higher profits is ANALYSIS

The websites should always mirror the industry psyche. The idea is to refine, rebuilt and refresh these out-of-date websites and give them a complete overhaul. Just like any house would need strong foundations, the website redesign program should be carefully planned to avoid any roadblocks in the future. The question “where do I begin” should be sorted from before. Reinforcing the new strategies would unfurl wonders in profitable growth and success.

Generation of sales and leads increasing revenues

The website may be years old and generate enough leads to sustain profits. There is nothing wrong with the website and you feel why the need for redesign. The idea is to impress the client and updating the website with new concepts and information definitely ups the impression quotient by a few notches. Incorporating content, images, animation, videos and audios amazes the audience. All these help determine the purchase decision.

Expansion in the online world

Your website should be informative. With the decreasing attention span of the people, the information on board should also be precise and to the point. It is better if they are broken into smaller chunks of information yet be detailed enough to meet the needs of the website visitors. Fresh content also helps in the ranking on the search engines. You could figure out a way to add genuine content which relates to the industry. If there is a change in the focus of the website, redesigning it in entirety is essential.

Compatibility with the varied browsers

Just like fashion ages, the websites also come with their expiry dates. It is better to dump and embrace a newer, better and enhanced version. Web browsers view websites on their own terms. So it’s better to make sure that the website is compatible as only then would they have a successful run. The software Adobe Browserlabs provides web designers the exact rendition of the website status in the varied browsers and operating systems. But these check only the compatibility of the website. The communicative avenues have to tested manually.

Excess content clutter should be removed

Leonardo da Vinci stated that in simplicity lies the ultimate sophistication. For all business it has always been what the consumer wants or demands. Therefore, remove the excess clutter or any content irrelevant to the website. Sometimes the description attracts but lacks the power to convert the lead into sales. Utilizing the latest would definitely mark a difference on your website.

Outdated and dull

Web sites with no or minimal change can be detrimental for your growth. This is why redesign becomes an important attribute. Redesigning would make the website more SEO friendly and accomplish all your business objectives. Determine your own route to success with the implementation of redesign.

Professional approach and yet user-friendly

Navigation through the website should be limited to “three clicks.” So ask yourself, can you reach any page within the three clicks of your mouse? If the answer is no, you need to redesign. A website should be fast to impress, to create effective brand and bond. Aesthetics should be the prime characteristic of the design with the websites directly connecting to the demographics.

If you find all these plaguing your website, you need to redesign and realign. Start over; update and you will be amazed at the increased sales and revenues. Improving the layout, polishing the navigation, updating the information about business would help accomplishing the desired results.  Include something novel and innovative and thereby increase brand recognition, traffic and leads.

Stay connected to this blog for more useful guidelines for a seamless pathway to success.

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