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Redesign Effectively With Thorough Research


Websites redesigning needs a lot of afterthought, analysis and research to accomplish the desired results. They are deemed easy but in actuality it is a lot of hard work. The second part to the blog of Redesigning websites to ascertain higher returns,” deals with the visitor’s point of view.


So let’s start off with the gala question: How is it that you want your viewers to feel when they visit your website? The three features to consider is the website goals, the visitor’s reaction and the usability of the web design. The question is whether you want your visitors to be amazed, informed or just curious.



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Whatever be the part of the budget, the fact is that research still remains the integral part of building the website. Have you ever imagined what would be the consequences if you tried to build a car while driving in it? It’s always preferential to know the likes and the dislikes and directions before redesigning the website.


Some services such as Crazzyegg provide you with heat maps to show you the users where they have clicked. Introducing these services at least provides you with the understanding of the consumer behavior.

Purpose of the website

The ongoing competition for traffic, conversion and ROIs makes this the battle of the lifetime. If you are not aware of the purpose of the website, its goals and objectives, you will never be able to grasp success or even engage your end-user. So what would be your call to action? What would your viewers do? The answers vary according to the business, but it’s good to have an idea about the needs before anything is re-built.

Prioritizing the goals is the first step. Primary, secondary and support, it is always the primary that is essential for the success of your business. The primary goals should receive the most importance. The secondary follows close by. Though they do play a role in the growth of the business, they should be taken care of on the second phase of the redesign. The support objectives are more of an afterthought. Whatever the goals, they shouldn’t be dragging the timeline or confuse the process.

The visitor’s reaction

The attractive quotient should be high for your website to attain success. In the past, it was deciphered that the attention span of the reader is eight seconds. But a recent study by the Akamai Technologies construed that the number had fallen to mere four seconds. Web users’ access to the sheer available content lessened the interest span. If you make your user work to think, you would lose them forever.

Friendly interfaces with appealing designs make the user more receptive towards your approach and message.

Increased usability

The best approach is to focus on your audience and their needs. Catering to the varied demographics is essential. Though this can be achieved by exceptional markups, design also plays an integral role. To make your website effectual and overflowing with profits, keep your end-users in mind while you move into creation, navigation and interaction.


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