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A/B Split Testing Service Orange County

What is an A/B Split Test?

Let’s not go into any elaborate definition. In simple terms, it is a method used to test which version of your website element works the best with the audience.

While designing a website, you may design it according to what you think is the best. You may like it, your client may too. However, are you sure that your design will be liked by everyone? How do you know that your design will help your client’s ecommerce marketing?

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This is where an a/b testing comes. With this test, you get to see how viewers are reacting to your design. If you are designing a website for your client, you design two template options and then run a test to see which one is the most preferred. The one that has the highest conversion rate, is the one chosen.

The end goal of every PPC campaign is to bring in visitors and convert them into customers. But what is the solution if your ads are not catching enough attention? Or rather, what if they are not getting enough clicks? Scratching your head, trying to find these answers is just like nailing Jell-o to a tree. Don’t look for answers, go for an alternative. Take up A/B split testing.

A/B split testing in paid ads, or rather, experimenting with two ad versions having slight variations from each other has taken up the world of PPC Management by storm. If one version of the ad gets better results than the other, the split testing campaign becomes an instant hit in finding out the most lucrative way.

But you need to efficiently create the variations and also effectively measure the results. Hire the reputed professionals and let them help you out. B3NET Inc., is one of the leading Orange County A/B split testing firms in California. Our field experience is vast and our expert team understands your precise requirements.

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We Use a Segmented Strategy

Instead of a global strategy, we believe that a segmented A/B split testing strategy works better and yields results that are more preferable. It’s not always a possibility that one variation will give out the most favorable results, while the other one will fail in comparison. We take the best of both tests, and strategize according to the exact demographics.

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