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The Basic Processes Involved in Logo Design

Logo is something that gives distinct identity to the business/brand and designing a new logo asks for a hell lot of considerations. However, the catch is where to start from and decide on the guidelines to you ought to follow. The next big thing is to seek some inspiring resources and proofread the final design. This post deals with some of the most viable steps that would pave the pathway to successful logo designing.



Planning is the key to everything. It’s better to plan the assortment of images, photos, notes, snippets, styles and textures that you can work with. You can certainly seek inspiration from some of the designs that your contemporaries have used and sketch the mood and character of the logo and start developing own ideas.



Once the plan is ready, you can now move away from the computer and unfurl your creative wings. Try out different sketches and decide how it could look! It’s fine to have made 50 odd sketches and be happy with one or two. This process is only about bringing out the best of ideas from head on to the paper.



Once you’ve the ideas drafted on the paper, it’s time to review. Make sure you refine the sketches that have been developed. Have a look at the sketches and try and see if you could just combine them to create something better. At times, you could even find a glimpse of gold among the crude lines and form an enticing logo. Now that you know where you are heading, you need to keep sketching more designs, revise your ideas and come up with couple of key concepts to work with. Keep the cycle of “Sketching and Refining” going.



After you’ve planned, sketched and refined, it’s time to step into the web world again. Make use of your choicest graphics software Adobe Illustrator or anything else, form the first lay-out of the logo. By first lay-out, I am talking about the basic geometric typefaces, colors and shape of the logo. You can fine tune the logo lay out later. Do not think twice before tweaking the colors or trying out different typefaces or rearranging the elements in order to make it alluring.



Now that you are into the final stage, make sure you polish the designs. Decide whether you want to go with a basic color design or want to put in a lot of gradients, hues and details and make the changes accordingly. Remember, the logos are the centerpiece of your brand and it’s unnatural not to be swayed by too many ideas and concepts. The company’s logo is everything that your company represents. It’s the visual arch that makes your brand recognizable and connects you to your customers.

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