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Thanks for the attention we received at OC’s Largest Mixer

Orange County companies from start ups, franchises to software giants like Microsoft were all there at “Orange County’s Largest Mixer” at the Costa Mesa Fair Ground Wednesday evening. We showed up there where a new Web Application was unveiled which is essentially a Mobile App maker that would work on all mobile platforms. iFast Apps was born. We got an overwhelming response from businesses on building this breakthrough product – iFastApps. Most of the attendees gave us a lot of compliments and it was a joyous moment. It was music to our ears given the blood and sweat we put behind this project.


Sudeep Banerjee at Orange County's Largest Mixere at the Costa Mesa Fair on 20th March, Wednesday evening



During the development phase we had fight through from design concepts, robust coding and technological breakthrough in coding of iFastApps. This is a product which is essentially for customer retention or loyalty which the small businesses, franchises, professional service firms, and other mid and larger tier companies can use. The product we built is pretty cool. iFastApps works on all platforms. Takes less than 15 minutes to build and can be updated on the fly. Promotional information can be inserted real time by the businesses. It took us 1 year to build this product from scratch to finish, with a product development team of 6. Working endless hours, what a ride it was. The product has been received very warmly by most of the folks who was there at the mixer. All well that ends well. At least the development phase. But the journey has just begun. Well, we gotta sell this now!


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Sudeep Banerjee

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Sudeep Banerjee is the Founder & President of B3NET Inc., the leading Orange County Web Development firm, since 1999 in California. He is a forward thinking leader with expertise in Digital Marketing, Web Design and Mobile Application Development and Amazon Sales Consulting. He is an author, speaker and a consultant with 28 years of experience. He loves to play Basketball and Golf.