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Message For Small Businesses: Avoid Common Web Design Mistakes


Small Business Website Mistakes


A small business relies a lot on its official website for marketing itself and establishing its brand. As the website is its information hub, a small business cannot afford to make web design errors. A small business has to remember that it’s not a big brand, and a single design error can make it lose thousands of dollars in an instant.


So, what is the bottom-line? As experimenting is too risky for a small business with limited resources, it has to make sure that its web design does not have any of the top mistakes we so commonly find today. Without beating around the bush too much, let us know about the mistakes I just mentioned in the previous sentence:


#1. Too Much Urgency


The main goal of your website is not reaching the top of the SERPs. It is about making sure that the design is always revolving around the interests of your visitors. One of the most common web design mistakes most small businesses make is setting up a website in a hurry and without any prior calculation. So, you must take your time to research and know your target audience. And if you can understand your market and design accordingly, your website will have “success” written all over it.


#2. Too Much Flashy


Flashy design doesn’t compliment small mobile screens, and your visitors will not hesitate to leave your website if flashiness is causing hindrance in finding what they are looking for. At a time when almost everyone is using a mobile device to access the Web, one of the biggest trends in modern web design is a minimalist approach. Minimalistic design is easier on the eyes, and it also doesn’t distract visitors from the main information. If your design is too much flashy, then your mobile visitors will hit the ‘Back’ button in no time. And that’s something you just cannot afford as a small business, isn’t it?


#3. Out-of-date Content


What good can a small business website do when its content has been saying the same old things over the past couple of years? Along with the latest industry news, I’m sure your business has progressed over the years, and handled a lot of clients and customers. So, it’ll be quite absurd to see that you have no new story to tell. Updated content (your weekly updated website blog, for instance) can not only keep the search engines happy, but also drive more visitors to your website.


#4. Paying Too Little or Too Much


It’s understandable that you, as a small business, are focused on the ROI. And you should never needlessly invest in web designers who are expensive to hire and hardly take out any time to understand the demands of a target audience. However, this also doesn’t mean that you’ll go with cheap web designers who’ll come up with a horrible-looking website that could only work in the 90s. Your sole focus should be to research well and get the best-quality product from the designers, keeping a well-defined budget in mind all the time.


#5. Trying to Target Everyone


This is perhaps the biggest mistake a small business makes with its website. As it is small and in constant competition with big brands, it wants to achieve everything at one go. Trust me; your website will turn out to be a total mess if you try to target every kind of visitor. Therefore, your best bet, as a small business, is to come up with a website that focuses on only your most frequent visitors, and work on creating the most pleasing experience for them.


A small business needs to keep these 5 mistakes in mind, and avoid them at all costs when designing or re-designing its website. It must remember that the first impression is everything, and a great website can place it right out on the map.

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Sarah Clark

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Sarah Clark, working in B3NET Inc. as Technical Editor. B3NET is leading orange county web design company in California.