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Rectify These 5 E-commerce Web Design Mistakes Before They Kill Your Sales

ecommerce design mistakes

Human psychology is an important part of your e-commerce web design. How your website functions depends a lot on how your web design is able to attract viewer attention. You could be sweating it all out to make your web development work out. But it only works when the final call of the bell comes from the conversions your make. That is why website redesign is more than just making ROI conversions. That is why studying your conversion chart is a great place to avoid common e-commerce web design mistakes.  You must also be aware of the effective web design principles when working on a web development project.

Here are some of the common e-commerce design mistakes you can avoid to prevent killing your website sales. You are probably unaware of it. So be careful to read through and rectify your mistakes before implementing an A/B split test. Remember, split testing is an important part of your web design.

Common E-commerce Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

#1 – Unclear Value Proposition

Your Business value proposition should be the first thing your web design should hit at. This is what will help you reason out why people should buy service from you when there are other reputed e-commerce sites. Unfortunately not many websites are able to put up a clear value proposition that makes them stand out of the crowd.

Some of the essential value proposition elements your e-commerce design should focus on are as follows –

  • A clear and simple headline that makes a valuable promise
  • A concise body copy that explains what your service can offer to customers that others don’t
  • Images that are clear about what your customers have visited your website for
  • Additional offers and benefits like discounts, free shipping and other special guarantees

Having a clear value proposition can help you make your communication with your viewers direct and effective. This can improve your e-commerce sales.

#2 – Misguided Product Information

Your product description should be driven by the type of product you sell. An e-commerce site selling bookcases need to focus more on the how they present their images and the text. That is because, when people visit a site to choose a bookcase or any furniture for that matter, they are going to be more careful about how it will fit in a particular space. The type of environment, the walls, the wall paint…everything is going to be taken into consideration here. So how your product will generate a conversion depends a lot on the quality of the picture and the style of content that you use.

On the other hand, someone buying a TV set will likely spend more time reading the product text description. That is because, people buying TV sets will be more concerned about the look, the size and the type of technology they are going to purchase.

Make sure your product description is presented according to the nature of the product you sell.

#3 – Low Quality Images

A case study explains why larger product images can increase sales by 9%. People judge a product based on what they get to see on the product page. If they like the image, they are going to purchase it. Make sure that if you are selling high end fashion products, then your visual images should be able to capture the imagination of the buyers. According to another study, people buy a product when they are able to imagine a perceived ownership of the product. Probably this explains why the best way to sell a product like the watch for example, is by displaying somebody’s hand wearing it. People can build up a better vision to imagine a perceived ownership.

#4 – Lack of Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy matters when you are designing a website. Viewer can navigate across a website better and the actions become easily recognizable. Even maintaining a hierarchy through the choreography of content is important. Speaking from the web design point of view, all accent colored texts are used on elements that are likely to be clicked by the customer. Base colored texts on the other hand, are used on places that are not likely to be clicked by the viewer.

According to Fitt’s Law, a viewer’s eyes drift first towards elements that are bigger size. Therefore, make sure that the important elements are made larger so that that they could stand out from the rest. Before you get down with your web design, try to make a separate list of the important elements that should top your priority list of visual hierarchy.

#5 – Inability to Prove a Site’s Trustworthiness

Site’s trustworthiness should be an important element that your web design must not overlook. What worries your customer is how much should they trust an unknown e-commerce website, whose name they are hearing for the first time. Proper structuring of your site’s social proofs therefore is necessary here. Some of the important elements that you should take care of when working on your web design are – customer testimonials, notable mention of popular press names, interesting information about your company, etc.

Do Not Forget To Update and Test Your Web Design

Always make sure that you adhere to the latest web design technology and trend. A person can always judge an ecommerce website by its design cover. If you are selling high end fashion products, then your website should be full glam and up to date. Your website design should always sport a fresh, current and clean look. Last but not the least, always test your web design at the end. This is an ongoing process to ensure that everything about your ecommerce web design works fine. Nothing could be more embarrassing than when your customer decides to buy a product and ends up getting stuck at the checking process. Take care of your website!

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