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How To Rank Your Product In Amazon Store

amazon product store optimization

Amazon is undoubtedly a very important platform and sales tool if you are looking to sell products online. With a steady stream of traffic and user searches in the Amazon store, marketers should be more focused to optimize their products on it.

Optimizing your product on the Amazon allows you to reach three times more ready-to-buy customers as compared to other platforms. Most importantly, optimizing your product in Amazon is quite easy and time efficient once you have a clear understanding of the process.

A unique product algorithm

To have a clear understanding of the process, it’s important to have a comprehensive knowledge about Amazon’s search engine algorithm. As a matter of fact, Amazon has its own product search algorithm known as Amazon A9.

The algorithm works appropriately by analyzing data, by indexing product properly in the catalog and observing past traffic patterns. It is thus observed that the Amazon A9 algorithm already is at work before the customer does his or her first search.

So, how does the Amazon A9 algorithm produce such relevant results or rank the products? It’s important to understand the mechanism for ranking in the Amazon Store. However, the process is pretty simple at its core.

The two-step process is as follows –

  • Step 1 – Using this algorithm, they select the relevant results from their huge catalog of product listings.
  • Step 2 – Next they sort these relevant results in the order of “most relevant” as per the user.

Now, you SEOs must be thinking that even Google uses relevance to generate search results, then how is Amazon different. Well, while Google tries to offer an accurate answer to a customer’s query through its search results, Amazon offers products in its search results that a customer is likely to buy.

In other words, Amazon’s A9 algorithm strives to put down a search result that would be of interest to the users. They evaluate this relevance of product by using human judgments, key business metrics, performance metrics and programmatic analysis.

Frankly, ranking in Amazon is comparatively easier to rank than on Google. There is nothing like off-page SEO, thus practically cutting the task into halves.

However, there are three critical rules that Amazon follows –

  • Amazon’s main goal is to maximize Revenue Per Customer
  • It tracks every action of a customer on the website.
  • It uses the Amazon A9 algorithm to track the most relevant product to put them in a particular customer’s catalog.

The core pillars of A9 algorithm

To rank your product, it’s important to understand the core categories that A9 algorithm analyses to rank a product. These factors are important for both independent marketers as well as Amazon themselves to understand and apply for effective ranking reasons in the Amazon Store.

The three most important categories that A9 algorithm determines as key ranking factors are –

#1. Conversion Rate

There are a number of factors that are strategically related to the conversion rate of a product. Some of the factors that influence conversion rate are as follows –

  • Sales Rank – Sales rank is one of the most important factors. It is the rank a product enjoys according to the number of sales when compared to other similar products.
  • Customer reviews – Customer reviews and positive comments for a product are considered valued aspects for ranking by the A9 algorithm.
  • Answered Questions – It is seen that products with questions and answers are often ranked higher by Amazon thus making it an important factor for ranking.
  • Image size – Amazon has strong policies for product listing and demands large picture with higher pixels for product listing.
  • Price – As discussed, A9 algorithm uses both real and predicted conversions to determine the ranking of products.
  • Bounce Rate and Time On Page – As informed earlier, Amazon tracks the activity of every customer on the website and therefore tracks the bounce rate statistics and reviews the time on page. With these stats, Amazon has a good understanding of what a customer is interested in.

#2. Relevancy

Relevancy factors, play a very important role in the ranking process that Amazon follows through its A9 algorithm. Some of the factors that affect relevancy are as follows –

  • Title – Optimizing your product with a keyword-rich engaging title is a great way to optimize the product on Amazon. There are a number of rules you can follow to write a properly optimized product title.
  • Features – It’s important to let the customers know about the features your product offers and represent them in an easier way to identify the pattern. Using bullets points that offer a comprehensive account of all the features is a great way to optimize a product.
  • Product Description – Product description is the part where you can expand on the features of a product and work on increasing the engagement of the page. A small description should talk about the specifications and brand too.
  • Search option – Make sure that the path to your product when searching on the Amazon store is easy and well-structured. Mark your products in categories, subcategories and also tag search terms that can be associated with the product.
  • Source keyword – It’s one of the top most secrets of how Amazon determines the relevance of products and does the listing.

#3. Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Amazon always puts the customer first and takes every step to make them happy. They use the following methods to satisfy users, thus contributing to their retention. Make sure to make a process that’s easy and safe.

Anything that is complicated doesn’t work, and Amazon follows it to the tee. They make sure the listing of products is simple, crisp and comes with information. Moreover, they ensure the payment and delivery process is safe, secure and convenient for all types of customers.


Lastly, the above article will help you know what metrics Amazon looks for while listing products in their store. It is a comprehensive guide on what factors you need to consider to make your product rank with SEO. Once, you have the superior knowledge, cracking the race for ranking is not that tough.

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