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How Redesigning Website Homepage Is More Than Just Increasing ROI Conversion

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Design styles and technology change every year. So, if you are running an online business, a good user friendly and an updated web design is a part of your job if you want to draw in more conversion and improved ROI.

A client will always search for the best web design agencies that can offer them the best skills and technology for their project. An updated web design is an essential real online estate that a full service digital agency can use to showcase clients the kind of projects they have handled so far and the quality of work an organization is capable of producing. The home page is the most essential part of a website. It is just like the cover design of a book.

You cannot judge a book by its cover, but you sure can judge a website by its homepage design.

The web design of a homepage is the first impression that is the key to making a lasting impression. It is the threshold where your client lands on for the first time he/she visits a website. Besides that, the page comes replete with various features such as the Service Page, Portfolio Page, Blog Page, Contact Page, Testimonials, etc. So you need to make sure that you display the best skills and works to make it enticing to the eyes of a visitor.

But How Do You Dress Up Your Website Home Page To Please the Eyes?

That is the most risky step that one needs to take when redesigning a website homepage. You need to make sure that your adventurous decision of beautifying the homepage does not end you sinking beneath your conversion level. A good web design should be able to enchant, communicate and even convert. It is as simple as undertaking an expedition, where one needs to keep oneself equipped with things like the map, compass, binocular and definitely an in depth knowledge and a complete research of the place. Similarly, before you redesign your website’s homepage, make sure you have a complete plan laid out before you. And the most important question that you should ask yourself is that, why do you want your website homepage redesigned?

Some of the objectives that you are planning to aim at are as follows-

  • Increase in Engagement

This is the place where you put in things that your viewers are expecting to see without having to go through much hassle. That means, you have got to place elements that will strike their attention. These include clearly answering the ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘Where’ and ‘Why’ and putting to use meaningful graphics in the design template.

  • Increase the Conversion Rate Optimization

The purpose of redesigning a website is not just to increase your visitor engagement but to also improve the conversion rate of interest. You need to include clear Calls-to-Action that would improve your lead generation.

While these are some of the must have homepage design elements that promises to increase the conversion rate by 106%, how do you propose to insert them in your website homepage design layout? No matter how appealing you design your website homepage, the objective should be to make it as clutter free as possible.

For this, we have decided to present our very own B3NET homepage as a sample of demonstration so that readers could have a general idea instead of just getting a guide-to-know content.

web design comparison

Observe the changes carefully as we tell you how our website conversion leaped around 40% when we decided to tweak up its outlook.

On 19th July, 2015, we decided to give our company website a new look. The new web design comes with a more modern approach, which you must have noticed already. Though our design looked great, we were at first a bit skeptical about it.

However, things started to gradually take its turn and here are some of the percentage changes that we were able to track down from the Google Analytics page below –


The Changes

#1 – The Header Section

Our previous web homepage header was very static and basic. The elements that were put on display were very right with essential features like a heading with the right keywords and the right icons of the various clients whose projects we have handled and are handling. However, it seemed very simple and had nothing to demonstrate that we were at pace with the advancement in technology. After having decided to redesign the header, we realized that it seemed way too promotional and self-proclaimed, which of course clashed with our design theme because it was way too simple.

We gave our homepage header a 360 degree turn by dropping off the static veil to give visitors a little sneak peak into what some of the best web design agencies looked like behind the scene. It had a more interactive approach compared to the previous one and seemed natural to the eyes instead of sounding promotional.

#2 – The Body Section

The body section of our previous website homepage had nothing to demonstrate of our design or development skills, for we relied too much on our words. Nevertheless, it is not just words that alone can do the talk when you have a web design agency to run. Creative copy that has got the edge along with advanced web design and programming are what makes a website look satisfactory and appealing to both the eyes and the senses.

The other note that deserves to be pointed out is that, too much of words can kill your presentation. 55% of visitors are said to spend fewer than 15 seconds on a website. Keeping that in mind, we shrunk our homepage body copy this time. Our website homepage now has an equal proportion of both creative write-up and eye-catching design.

#3 – The Portfolio Section

We did a little change to the portfolio section of our website homepage. While our previous website homepage design had a static portfolio display, the present portfolio section adopted a new design approach to display. Besides, it seemed more clean and organized display.

#4 – The Client and Testimonial Section

No more were the two states kept apart and we decided this time to put both our client icons and their testimonials together. In this way, we would be able to capture our viewer attention better. While the icons provided the visual proof while the testimonials were displayed in a sequence. The new style of of testimonial display compared to the previous one seemed much better and created a sense of motion that gave the viewer a sense of something like ‘catch it before you miss it’.

#5 – The Footer Section

We utilized our footer section to provide clients with other useful information that anyone might be interested to know when they decide to work with us. We included all important information that would help us to support the excellency and expertize of our work, as well as prove that we are a certified design agency. But this was not it, we also included options through which clients or new prospects can reach us through our contact mediums.

New Inclusions

#6 – Interesting Office Facts Section

This is one of our newest inclusions on the website homepage. It’s a long homepage and we do not intend to bore our visitors while we are presenting ourselves with our works and skills. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – True indeed, and we do not wish to make our presentation dull at any cost. That is why, this section helped us create a balance by adding a touch of humor when the air was growing serious with all our promises. The result – Facts + Fun = Interest!

#7 – The Latest Post Section

Let’s get straight to the point first about the importance of a blog section for website visitors in real. It is true that blogs are essential marketing tools that can bring a website organic page visits, raise one’s position on the search engine ranking page, educate readers and people who are looking for information and even generate better ROI. But are people, who are visiting your website from other mediums through the URL or a PPC ad; actually interested in your website blog section? No. But chances are you might be able to interest your visitors if you can draw their attention to your blog page. This is what we decided to do here and our long homepage design concluded its showcase of creativity with this part. Display of catchy images, titles and meta descriptions of our latest blog posts are what we put to use.

Now The Test

The toughest part of getting a page redesigned is, to make it cross the conversion score. All that is designed beautifully does not generate conversions properly. We too had our doubts as to whether our newly redesigned website homepage would in fact work or not. For this, we decided to undergo a split test where the traffic was divided between old webpage and the new one. The visitors were locked down to individual variations and their performances were monitored for a certain duration before we could come to an end result.

The Net Result

We ran our test until we were able to achieve a statistical significance of 98%. This assured us that any percentage change would be as accurate as possible. The new homepage design generated an engagement conversion of over 12%. This indicated that the current design not only looked better according to our opinion but that it was engaging equally with the target audience as well.

The overall result of redesigning our website homepage – A positive outcome.

Redesigning a modern day webpage requires a wide stretched plan. It needs the right technical knowledge as well as the right skills. When you are able to include these things in your web page, you would be able to reflect the impression of a higher end brand. We were able to give our business a better idea of what we were capable of and our homepage provided the first hand proof of our quality of skills that we can provide to our clients. Thus, we were able to bring higher engagement, increased conversion and even greater trust of the clients on our brand.

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