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How Can Email Marketing Energize Your Lead Generation in 2017?

Email Marketing Lead Generation

Are you done with your new year parties? If yes, then let’s turn our eyes back to business. At the outset of a brand new year, this is the right time to find out suitable and updated tricks to generate leads. Lead generation is of utmost importance for any business.

Have you ever considered Email marketing in order to boost your lead generation? It is one of the most effective ways through which you can get stellar lead generation. Some ways are more effective and expensive than others. It is obvious that an experienced businessman will want proven ways.

A survey reveals the fact that almost 45% of small business owners have admitted that the most difficult challenge to them was growing revenue. In order to combat this problem, email marketing is a perfect solution. There are some tactics that are reasonable and easy to implement. If you want a standard email marketing service within budget, you should look for an Email marketing agency that includes:

1. High-value and relevant email newsletter

What is the first thing you require for email marketing? Of course, the email id of your customers. So, it is very important for a business to collect the email addresses of their customers. In most of the cases, businesses keep a form for the customers to enter some information including their email addresses. Now, you can send a newsletter to your customers every month.

2. Triggered emails

Triggered emails or the auto responders are those emails that can be automatically activated when someone takes a particular action. This action can be anything like the download of a whitepaper, submission of a contact form, or request for an order. When the trigger of events takes place, your email marketing system automatically starts to send out a series of emails. These emails have content tailored to the target audience who would take that action. In this way, you can automate your follow-ups.

3. Segment emails as per the behavior of the subscriber

Do you know the main functionality of segment email? It makes your emails more relevant and engaging to your readers. This kind of messages, in the form of emails, get more opens, clicks and of course sales.

Let’s have a look at behaviors that can be segmented:

  • When a subscriber signs up
  • When there are some links in a mail that subscribers click the most
  • When someone clicked through on an email but did not convert on the landing page
  • When no behavior is found, you can resend another email to those people who did not open it the first time.

4. Gated content

There is a saying that “Old is gold”. Well, this proverb is really apt for this point. When the nternet did not exist and the magazines were ruling, ads were published in these magazines requesting the readers to write them for a product sample or to write a review for them. This was a trick of lead generation via postal mail. The same thing is happening even today. But the concept has changed its approach. Nowadays, a common setup for gated content is meant to drive traffic to a particular landing or squeeze page. You audiences need to enter their information into this. In other words, it can be said that the gated content is actually the replacement of free report or review.

5. Sharing the emails

There are many people who forward the emails to their friends, relatives, and colleagues. They will be more inspired to forward the emails if you can make it easier for them.

There are a wide variety of ways that you can utilize to help them forward the emails easily such as:

  • You can ask them to forward the email in your copy
  • A button can be added that would format an email automatically for them
  • You should embed per-formatted tweets in your emails in order to let the email receivers share them
  • You can add a sign-up link to help the receivers of the forwarded emails sign up
  • Adding social sharing buttons is also a great idea as it will help the people who have got your email share it on their social media profiles

Final words

You will be able to reap the benefits of email marketing only when the strategy is effective and apt, and the tricks are being executed properly. For this, you need to hire a reliable and experienced content marketing agency who can understand the nature of your business and make a strategy accordingly to boost your lead generation.

If you want to see a revolutionary lead generation this year, consult B3NET, a leading US-based digital marketing agency.

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