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Growth of Search Engines in this Economy


With consumers getting thrifty, Internet is the place where shopping gets easy with the desk top. The number of comparison shopping being performed online is one of the reasons for the increase of search volume. Search works best for budget conscious consumers, as they utilize it for finding all ranges of products and services they are looking for. Advertising and promotions are two areas where dollars are shifting quickly. Traditionally print, TV and radio were the venues to invest in, but rapidly web marketing is pulling those funds.



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The web is growing on a steadily and more increasing numbers of companies are shifting to the emerging market of web advertising and search will be a top candidate for grabbing a big slice of that pie. Hiring a good Search Engine Optimization firm is a vital component to your Search Engine Ranking.

Search will continue to grow in remaining months left in 2009 despite the poor economy. Google ended the previous year with 63.5 % market share of all search queries performed in the U.S. Market share has inched up steadily from 58.5 % in January, 2008.


A ray of light in the stability that Internet marketing is showing and growing even in this depressed time. In the present scenario, if you’re not conducting search campaigns currently, it is strongly recommended that you start soon. It works best and can be measured.


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