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Google and Apple Invent Technology to track Mobile Phone Users


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We have stepped into this new age of mobile technology and are yet to experience the cutting edge offerings that come packaged with our mobile device. Today mobile phones have turned out as an important marketing platform.  Contemporary technologies have come up with concepts like mobile marketing which is a parallel domain of online marketing. Nowadays the mobile marketing concepts are helping businesses to earn more conversions.

Web giant Google and Apple have come up with an interesting concept that would surprise the new age mobile users. Apple and Google have invented smart phone technologies that would also have a tracking system incorporated in the device.  Such spying programs would enable the company to track down the user’s location.




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The companies are looking forward to building a stronger and bigger customer base which is estimated to grow by 2012 with around 270 millions mobile phone units to be shipped across the globe.

The Androids and iPhones manufactured by Google and Apple respectively have a built-in software technology that helps the device to transmit back the location to their respective manufacturers. However such technology is likely to hamper the privacy aspect of the user and the government is finding it a real issue that is likely to cause a commotion amongst users in the near future.

Mobile web design experts say that the iPhones are sooner to be referred to as iTracks rather than a mobile phone device. The unauthorized spying of the user’s location might benefit the manufacturers yet hamper the privacy aspect of the user who might not have any clue about such tracking programs incorporated in his/her cell phone.


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