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Four Ideas For Launching A Start-Up


Compared to large corporations, small businesses find the task of developing a website for enhancing their brand name and marketing plans quite challenging and daunting. Therefore, it is important for small business owners to have a clear focus about the specific entrepreneurial intents that the website is supposed to cater to.


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Larger corporations generally have the benefit of hosting a separate creative department that is dedicated to the task of designing and updating the website on a regular basis. However, small businesses need to be very calculative in every move, and plan every move carefully. In this blog post, I will address four areas that need special attention when small business owners decide to go digital with their products.


Long Term Investment

The process of creating a website requires monetary investments, as well as regular dedication. Many a times, it is seen that website owners mis-calculate the total costs that they might incur, as a result of which the entire endeavor has to be prematurely shelved. Registration for a domain name, and payment of fees for hosting the website are only some of the preliminary expenses. Small businesses should make a detailed assessment of the total expenditure from all possible quarters, and allocate their funds accordingly. The entire process of creating a website is a long term investment, and it needs to be planned carefully and executed efficiently.


Domain Name

The domain name defines a business’s web presence. Although many business owners consider it to be a rather negligible factor, the domain name plays a significant role. It functions as the virtual contact point for visitors. Therefore, the domain name should be similar to the name of the business venture, so that it is easily recognizable, and easily remembered.

In case the name of the virtual store is long and cumbersome, then attempts can be made to shorten it. The number of characters can be limited. A unique business name does not guarantee the availability of a corresponding domain name. Therefore, in an urge to distinguish the name from other set ups, businesses often tend to include figures like hyphens and spaces. However, this only leads to confusion among customers.

Small businesses often outsource the job of website design. In many cases, the designer is given the liberty to choose an appropriate domain name. However, such practices are best avoided. Given that the business owner needs to pay annually to own a domain, it is best for him/her to decide on the particular name as well. It is a safe policy, for in case of accidental fallouts with the designer, the owner does not risk losing the site, or address.


Hosting Concerns


Just like choosing a good domain name is necessary, it is equally important to pick the correct host on which the website will be launched. Since business owners have to pay a regular fee for the possession of the hosting site, he/she would do well to devote some time and choose it himself/herself, rather than leave it to the discretion of the designer.


Webadmain Workings

Administrative services devoted to website governance help in the maintenance of the web page. It is for the business owner to use his/her discretion and decide whether it is feasible to invest time (by undertaking the duties of a web-admin oneself), or it is better to invest money (by appointing someone else for the purpose). The job of a website administrator requires him/her to manage every aspect of a website, to regularly update it and mediate all incoming comments and suggestions.


For small businesses, careful allocation of funds plays a big role in determining its success. Therefore, owners of start-ups should decide whether they would like to outsource their design and website requirements and save time for other business specificities, or do all the work themselves and improve their own level of expertise.

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