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Explore 6 Myths & Reality of Digital Marketing

Explore Myths Reality Digital Marketing

Nowadays, digital marketing has become synonymous with business. The globally encompassed entity of digital marketing has greatly broadened the range of options and platforms to the business owners to let them promote their businesses in all the possible ways. In order to understand the present in a better way, it is important to have a clear view of the past. So, let’s peep into the past of digital marketing.

Evolution of digital marketing

Evolution of digital marketing is very interesting and remarkable. For the first time, the term digital marketing was used at the time of the launch of the first search engine – “ Archie” in the year 1990. In 1993, the first clickable web ad banner came into existence. The year 1994 witnessed two vital events – first e-commerce transaction over the online market and the launch of Yahoo. The first social media site SixDegrees.com was launched in the year 1997. Next year, 1998 is the most memorable year in the evolution of digital marketing. The human race was blessed with Google in this year, Microsoft launched MSN, and Yahoo launched Yahoo!web search in this year.

Internet bubble started bursting since the year 2000. Another turning point of digital marketing came in the year 2001 when the first mobile marketing campaign (universal music) took place. Since 2002 to 2016, many things have come to enrich digital marketing such as LinkedIn (2002), WordPress (2003), Gmail (2004), Facebook (2004), Youtube (2005), Twitter (2006), Split testing (2006), Tumblr (2007), iPhone (2007), Google’s instant search engine results (2009), Whatsapp (2010), Google+ (2011), Google Panda (2011), Facebook messenger app (2014), ads on LinkedIn (2014), and Snapchat’s “discover” features (2015).

Everything stated above has influenced digital marketing directly. Its success is overwhelming and the marketers have huge expectations from it in the near future. Still, certain things about digital marketing are shrouded to many people. There are a lot of people who are not well aware of some myths and realities about digital marketing even after passing almost 26 years since the birth of the concept. It is very important to know about the myths and realities in order to reap the benefits of digital marketing to the fullest.

Myths and Realities about Digital Marketing:

# Myth1: Digital marketing is only for big brands

Often small business owners think that digital marketing is meant only for the big brands while at the same time, some people think that it is only for small businesses. Well, both of these two contrary thinkings are wrong.


Digital marketing has solutions for both big brands and small businesses. It offers some tools that help both types of businesses to:

  • Interact and engage with potential customers without a call center
  • Get direct sales on a global scale even in a virtual set up – without a traditional shop
  • Gain insights and analytical data of the targeted audiences’ preferences

# Myth 2: A company’s business strategy does not include digital marketing

There are many businesses that take digital marketing just like a white elephant meaning that it is nothing more than mere decoration and thus, it has no contribution to the entire business strategy. As per this concept, many business owners do not include digital marketing in their overall business strategy.


Well, this is nothing but a silly misconception about digital marketing. Every business should consider it as an integral part of their business strategy. In fact, it opens the door to achievements and a wider online audience to the company. The official website of a company is the main platform that connects the company to the online customers. When more people search for information, products or services about a particular company in the social media network, the online presence of the company becomes stronger. So, you should never overlook digital marketing while an overall business strategy is going to be prepared.

# Myth 3: Only large website traffic can make digital marketing successful

This is a common myth popular in the entrepreneurs that, digital marketing can work well only with a large scale of website traffic. That’s why most of the people run after the website traffic.


No one can deny that gathering website traffic helps the businesses to get a number of visitors. But it does not imply that every website visitor is converted to a customer. What many businesses do wrong is to focus only on the quantity while in reality, quality also matters a lot. Quality plays the vital role in transforming a potential audience into a customer. Sometimes, a huge traffic can not generate any profit at all. Digital marketing will be successful only when the conversion of visitors into buyers will be possible.

# Myth 4: Website creation is the only thing to do in digital marketing

For most of the people, digital marketing is all about a website. You just need a website to get an effective digital marketing service. Well, let me tell you that if you stick only to the website in order to promote your business online in this digital age, it can make you disappointed.


Nowadays, mobile apps have become a great alternative to websites. Smartphones have brought the whole world within our grip. Naturally, most of the people like to use mobile apps instead of websites. In this way, they can search anything at any time. Therefore, gone are those days when digital marketing was centered around the website. With the advancement of time, digital marketing has greatly expanded in different areas. There are a bunch of platforms where you need to promote your website. So, only a website creation can do no good, you need to promote it in the most effective ways and also employ an effective mobile app for your business.

# Myth 5: Measurement of the success of online campaigns is not possible

Often I have heard some entrepreneurs complaining that they can’t measure the success of their online campaign. This is also a myth, a mere misconception.


Digital marketing can be predicted correctly and a business can get the numbers and statistics that help them to measure how far digital marketing is successful in lead generation. An analytics can be added to your website or mobile app to track the progress.

# Myth 6: Death of SEO

A large number of marketers have announced the death of SEO. They opine that SEO can no more do any good to digital marketing.


The truth is that SEO is still alive. Although social media is emerging as a powerful tool every day, SEO or Search Engine Optimization still dominates the market. Users will always use search engine whenever they need to know any information. Therefore, the need of optimizing a website via SEO will always be alive.

Final thought

When a concept is covered by so many myths, you can never utilize all of its benefits. So, it is very important to uncover the realities. Digital marketing has now become a strong weapon to beat the competitors and take the business to the top. So, you should clear the doubts and misconceptions before making your marketing strategy.

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