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6 Reasons Why Live Chat Integration is Rewarding for Your Website

live chat integration

Live chats are like open windows of communication for your e-commerce business. A good live chat integration can offer an organization scope to better communication and an all-time customer support system. With a live chat medium, your business can stay in touch with your customers and provide answers to their queries instantly and efficiently.

Live chat is a potential customer service tool that is drawing the highest customer satisfaction level with a percentage of 73 percent. A large number of companies are already using live chat windows in their e-commerce websites and many others would soon be using for them their business too. What are the advantages of using live chat integration in a website?

Here are some reasons behind its growing popularity –

#1 – It is Fast and Convenient

Customers choose channels based on the nature of their query. The phone had always been a more preferable option for making queries. However, it was not the same in case of feedbacks and bookings.

One of the reasons why customers prefer using live chat integration, is because time is a key factor. While 79 percent are happy now that their queries are being answered instantly, the rest 46 percent feel that it is a good communication tool.

#2 – It is Pro-active

There are instances when a customer might get stuck at potential key points of their purchase and would require some staff assistance. With live chat integration, your technical or marketing team can offer pro-active solution at every step of the purchase till the check-out page.

#3 – It Increases Sales

Its pro-active feature makes it easy for representatives to reduce behavior tendencies like basket abandonment and guide to a better shopping experience. From a live chat window, representatives can guide a customer and draw their attention towards products and services that are relevant only. Problems are solved faster and customers find a reassurance on their product choice.

#4 – It is Cost Effective

Live chat integration enables staff members the ability to multi-task. Using multiple chat windows, your business support team can respond quickly to all kinds of queries one at a time but with rapid speed. Just like Facebook or Gtalk chat. Besides, it is even cost effective for customers who now will no longer have to wait for their turn in the line while contacting a helpline call center.

#5 – It Taps into the Potential Customer Pain Points

With live chats, a business can not only solve certain customer pain points but also take measures to document it for future references. Armed with solutions to different customer problems, you can write your own case study or a blog post and point out what steps you took to help a customer out.

#6 – It is Open for a Face-to-Face Experience

Some people prefer having a face-to-face experience online. This is why certain live-chat integration software provide options to connect to web cam and microphone other than the text only chat function. Website visitors can choose their favorite medium of communication and interact directly with the marketing representative online. This takes the shopping experience to an all new level and encourages businesses to take up an attitude that is more humanized than robotic.

Why Live Chats are Your Next Competitive Edge

Services that follow the latest trends and customer behavior are the ones that provide better customer satisfaction.

Increased customer satisfaction means word-of-mouth promotion and repeat custom, which are some of the other advantages of an e-commerce business. Live Chat integration is the alternative superior tool that helps companies to create new sales channels and happy clients real-time.

Looking forward to add a multi-chat functionality to your e-commerce website? Take assistance from a web development company that offers the agile methods and technical solutions to your every need.

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