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5 Responsive Web Design Projects We have Finished Last Month

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Mobile usage is expected to rise to 2 billion by 2015, with about 80% of users accessing the Internet through smartphones. The presence of such an online scenario makes responsive design a non negotiable option for e-commerce and service websites.


web-designHowever, many site owners still hesitate when it comes to setting up their website with a responsive design template.


Responsive Design Template For Your Website


The ability to adapt to any screen size (be it a tablet, a smartphone or a desktop computer) , makes responsive web design so much popular among e-commerce and service websites. It provides users a comfortable experience while viewing a site from any device they wish to.


But Why Are Some Hesitant To Invest On A Responsive Design?

1. It is expensive.

2. It is difficult to re-construct an existing design page.

However, The Point That Some Miss Out Here Is…


1. The investment is cost effective in the long run.

2. An experienced web developer team can solve the reconstruction difficulty in no time.


An Additional Advantage Of Going Responsive – You can safeguard your site’s presentation whenever there is a new technology advancement.


This is true and you also agree. With the arrival of new technology, your website may always face the risk of lagging behind in the race, just because your site was inaccessible for a new screen size.


A responsive web design comes with a single URL and an HTML, which automatically resizes itself to fit any screen type.


Over the past few months, there were several clients who came asking for help to set up their site’s layout with a responsive design.


Take A Look At Some Of Our Best Responsive Design Projects


 #1 – Motiivo

Motivo has an online retail store that supplies various mobile accessories like cases, armbands and other wireless electronic devices for smartphone users. They needed someone to help them set up an e-commerce store with a perfect responsive design to reach their customers online.


This is how their site looks now post project execution:


motivoWebsite URL: www.motiivo.com


#2 – Fast 5 Xpress Car Wash


Fast 5 Xpress Car Wash needed a responsive web design for their site. As the name suggests, this service based website offers 5 minutes instant solution for people, who cannot take proper care of their cars owing to their daily busy schedule.


The site offers separate service scheme packages, made according to the client’s requirement. In addition, customers can register with them for a free car wash demonstration or purchase individual membership pass to avail special offers.


Based on this, we decided to design a responsive template that would provide a simple user experience along with placing the key elements strategically. Currently, this is how the design looks like, every time someone enters the site. We also developed a separate application service, which users could utilize to register for a free car wash.



desktop tab




Website URL: www.fast5xpress.com

#3- Sitter4Charities.org


The client needed a well designed responsive template and an application for their service.


Sitter4Charities is a service platform that brings child care professionals, parents and charities under one frame. Professionals can create their own profile and get notified for leads, parents can look through the various profiles and choose a baby sitter of their choice and every time a parent subscribes, a charity receives a donation.


Since, the entire service is centered around ‘child care’, web developers needed to build a design appropriate to the theme. The final design for Sitter4Charities looked like this.  Here also our web development team developed a unique application feature for easy user experience:



sitters4charities-desk2 sitters4charities-ipad1



Website URL: www.sitters4charities.org

#4 – Irrigation System Pots


This online store offers various gardening solutions to set up an ecological garden with healthy, growing plants. Our work was to build an e-commerce store supported with responsive design, to help customers find garden maintenance products like eco pots, soil and irrigation kits, using any electronic device, and purchase accordingly. We wanted to give site viewers an easy user experience. This is how the website looks like:



irrigation-system-pots-desktop-view1 irrigation-system-pots-tab-view


Website URL: www.irrigationsystempots.com

#5 – XBAR Fitness


XBAR Fitness had the criteria to set up an e-store for their fitness solution products like push up docks, soft slider pads, heavy duty resistance bands and other gym accessories. Their target audience use different mobile devices to access the internet, and that means the focus should also be on responsive design. The final design template for the project turned out like this:





Website URL: xbar.com

As you can see, responsive web design caters to any kind of e-commerce stores . Last few months, we have witnessed a sudden rise in demand of our clients to go for responsive design. This is because, current market scenario shows mobile e-commerce is expected to dominate the market.


Whether you cater to fitness products or are an accessory center, responsive design is necessary for your website to make navigation and purchase easy. Besides, if your website is responsive, no matter from where your clients enter your site, they all arrive at one place. This in turn improves your SERP rank. Besides, you get better preference from Google to scale upwards in the results page.


Is you website ready by now? Do you need our assistance? Call us now! We would love to help you.

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