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Why You Need Graphics for Your Website?


Websites can be integrated into the components of texts and images. Most website designer prefers the text than using graphical images in the website. But then sometimes adding picto-graphical images make the website more appealing. Websites should be designed reflecting the organizational objectives and goals. Designing the website accordingly enables easier optimization and therefore ascertains a positive web presence.  Despite the huge competition of web designers present in the web, Orange County Web Design team works to assure positive results.

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Utilizing the GIF, JPEG, PNG and other formats, the expert pool of web designers present in the Orange County Web Design organization, they are able to create web designs which are valued by the cyber media.

When do we use graphics?

These graphical images should be used to enhance the website. Only used when necessary, the chosen graphics should:

a.    Be relevant to the website.

b.    Make the understanding of the text much easier.

Why use graphics?

Research has shown that visitors stay on a particular page for few milliseconds. This is the available time period to impress and emerge as the winner among the competitors. The graphical images clearly state the objectives of the entrepreneur. Only with the correct composition of text and image can the target audience be impressed with the website and thereby increase the conversion rates.

The images not only impress but can be used to provide for effectual information to the target audience.

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