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Why Should Web Designers Rely On The Power Of White?

Web Designers Should Rely On The Power Of White

“All colors are born from white; and white is where all colors perish”.

White is the unparalleled ruler when it comes to color usage in web design. While there is no end of color variations, it is also true that white is the most subtle, appealing and professional color of them all. Trust me when I say it, there is absolutely no problem when any other color is used on a webpage. However, it is also true that web designers around the globe love to harness the power of white whenever they get an opportunity.

But why is this craziness surrounding the color white? Why are amateur web designers taught to prioritize the application of this color? Let’s take a look at some reasons why white is a tempting color to web designers:

#1. Dark Font on a White Background

Light is a very important factor that determines how long a visitor will stay on your website. Therefore, using dark fonts on a standard white background (or even, the shades of white) is the most common practice. This combination is extremely comfortable to the eyes as white can fade into the background very smoothly. It gives an impression as if it doesn’t even exist. If a light font is used on a dark background, however, the background will light up the effect of the fonts and hit each word into a visitor’s eyes.

#2. The Default HTML & CSS Styling Color

Every web designer must know this very well that the use of color defines the entire personality of an online business. It can be said that if there is any mistake with the choice of colors in a website, it will create a high bounce rate and as a result, puncture its reputation. HTML and CSS also believe that white is the safest color, and therefore, it has been kept as the default HTML and CSS styling color.

#3. Images Become More Impactful

Background color is an important aspect if a designer is looking to create a desired impact for an image. If you think carefully and try to visualize, the color blue will be horrible if paired with a grey background. Same goes with an orange image on a red background. However, both these two colors (blue and orange) will have a great impact if the background color is white.

#4. Less Feeling of Clutter

When the background is white (or any of its innumerable shades), it is a common feeling for designers to see the page as a lot less cluttered. White increases the feeling of ‘white space’. I’m sure that you would feel you can gracefully stuff in more texts and images on a webpage with a white background than a webpage with a different colored background.

#5. Personification in White is Easier

I’m also sure you know that each color has a definite meaning attached to it. Black means power, pink means femininity, blue means serene, and red means enchantment. But what is the meaning of white? Simply put, white means nothing. And when you have nothing to start a work with, you get the opportunity to use texts, images and videos any way they suit you best. In short, working with a white background helps you define your personality with more clarity.

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