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People Who Should Be Present At Your First Web Design Meeting

Web Design Meeting

The first time when a new web design is presented to a client, it is always a painful and stressful matter. Nothing can go 100% right, and something or the other (no matter how much you think it’s perfect) needs alterations and modifications. Apart from the negative feedback, there is also the terror of the “need-it-yesterday” urgency. This is the time when creativity can sink to the bottom, and nervousness can make things quickly go downhill.


Therefore, it is an absolute necessity to invite some people to your first web design meeting. Why is it so? Their opinions will add value to the conversations, and their expertise will make it easier to understand and implement the necessary changes.


Web Design Meeting


Let’s take a look and know who these important people are:


#1. The Marketing Consultant


A website is the storefront of your business. No matter how you go about your marketing campaign, you either link to your website or do something that points back to it. And as we have known by now, the design of a website plays a crucial role in pulling a potential customer in. Therefore, the presence of the marketing consultant is necessary in the meeting as he can adjust the marketing campaign keeping in mind the web design changes.


#2. The Web Designer


The web designer is the key figure in this meeting. After all, it is the whoosh of his wand that makes dreams come true. It is he who will understand the exact client needs, and it is he who can execute them to perfection. Relying on his creative genius in the meeting will keep things from getting complex, and the entire conversation will be a lot smoother.


#3. The Graphic Designer


If you have the web designer on board, then why leave aside the graphic designer? He is the one responsible for the unique logos and art pieces, and so, having him in the meeting will help him get the directions first-hand. Moreover, web design truly flourishes when the creative minds of both your designers are coordinated.


#4. The Information Specialist


As of now, we have three greatly creative minds in the meeting. So, it’s the perfect time to introduce a person who is well aware of reality and knows the limitations of a business system. The information specialist is the perfect person to through some light about the technology resources. Hey! He is the one who can get things rolling while staying in the budget.


#5. The Website Caretaker


I’m not just talking about the maintenance. Every website needs a person who can look after the daily tasks of website ownership. It is the website caretaker who looks after checking the setting, running the updates, and various other things. So, invite him in the meeting and keep him in the loop to make him well aware of his duties.


These are the 5 people you should make sure are present when you have organized your first web design meeting with your client. With them close to you, chances of things going wrong are extremely minimal.

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Sarah Clark, working in B3NET Inc. as Technical Editor. B3NET is leading orange county web design company in California.