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What Has 2014 In Store For The World Of Web Design?

Web Design in 2014

Like every year, 2013 had numerous things to offer to web designers. However, it is also true that nothing is permanent in the world of web design. It’s no guarantee that a trend that is hot and popular today will not be losing its grandeur in a few months. But let me make one point extremely clear: “no web design trend is conceptualized from a void”. Every trend is an outcome of need – a step taken as an immediate solution or a step taken to prepare for the future.

Keeping this in mind, it is pretty evident that web design in 2013 did not only solve the current problems, but also took adequate measures to create a secure footboard for the coming years. What will turn out to be big in 2014? It’s hard to say what new trends will emerge in 2014. But yes, there are some tremendously-promising design techniques of 2013 that will continue winning over hearts.


Retro and Responsive

The application of responsive techniques in websites has become mandatory with the rise of Smartphones and Tablets. However, responsive design is still in the stage of infancy, and no one actually knows its full potential. As a personal opinion (and considering what I’ve observed so far), I think ‘Retro and Responsive’ technique will soon come up as web designers will become more adept at handling the responsive methods. What is Retro and Responsive design? A webpage remains responsive, but carries complex graphics and textures, unorthodox page alignments, and strong and unusual font types.

Retina Display

In 2010, Apple was the first to announce the rise of iPhone 4 that will have retina displays. The year 2013 saw its grand revival with iPhone 5C and 5S. I’ve heard about this misconception among some people, but retina display has nothing to do with scanning your eyeballs in order to unlock the mobile device. On the contrary, it is something similar to the revolution that created HD videos and megapixel photos. In short, we get ravishing and stunningly clear webpages. Retina display is super effective when coupled with responsive techniques, and web designers will surely use it well in 2014.

Interactive Infographics

The introduction of Infographics made a very useful contribution – making content interesting again. Just a couple of years back, people were slowly losing interest in reading long, textual content. But when told with a more graphical and captivating way, the same story started getting 10x number of readers. Although Infographics have taken over the digital world by storm, there was still something that wasn’t adding up. The icing on the cake is when infographics are no longer static in nature, but totally interactive. And this is what web designers looked forward to in 2013, and will continue doing in 2014. After all, it is a chance to make something which is already exciting into something which offers triple excitement.

Infinite Scrolling

Someone who is well acquainted with the Facebook wall must find it very easy to understand the concept of infinite scrolling. This design technique makes a webpage continuously load as a viewer reaches the bottom of the screen. In not only popular social networking websites, but this technique is also an integral feature of numerous e-commerce websites. As it is clear from the above-mentioned trends, we can expect to see more image-centric websites in 2014. And infinite scrolling will act as the pillar which will guide designers get the job done to perfection.


If you have a curious eye, I’m sure you’ve already been able to notice that a single website can utilize all these 4 trends taken together. So what are you waiting for? Sit with your creative heads, and start preparing your website for the future.

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Sarah Clark

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Sarah Clark, working in B3NET Inc. as Technical Editor. B3NET is leading orange county web design company in California.