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What Can We Expect From WordPress 4.0?

Wordpress 4.0

Currently standing at version 3.8 (which happened on December 12, 2013), one really shouldn’t be thinking about anything other than WordPress 3.9 which is slated to come out on April 15, 2014. However, the real hype has always been around WordPress 4.0 ever since the makers announced that it’ll have modifications with the power to change the entire dynamics of traditional WordPress functionality. These tantalizing hints have kept us hooked and curious for over a year, and with the arrival of 2014, we are proud to announce that we are more impatient than ever.


As expected, the first week of 2014 gave us a sneak peek of the new look of WordPress 4.0; and by the looks of it, WordPress will be looking a lot like Tumblr. We know that Tumblr perhaps offer the simplest interface, and with WordPress 4.0 walking on the same line, it is evident that WordPress is aiming to become friendlier with its user-base.

Let’s take a look at WordPress 4.0 will appear while giving an user the option to choose the type of post:

And here is how Tumblr looks:

WordPress 4.0 also promises to deliver a cleaner and crispier content editor. And this is how it’ll actually look when you will be creating a post:

Or when you will be uploading media files:

With imagination running wild, there have been a lot of speculations about WordPress 4.0 over the past year. While some people were of the opinion that users will be able to post via Google Glass, some others believed Jetpack would become a part of the core install. WordPress 4.0 is slated to release on August 12, 2014, it is hard to say what we will be experiencing. We can just keep our fingers crossed and keep the hopes up.


Let us all expect for the best as Team WordPress hardly depresses anyone.

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