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Web Design Trends That Will Reign Supreme in 2013

End of a year puts us in a position to make predictions about the trends that will dominate the field of web design in 2013. There is a possibility that some of the trends which saw daylight for the first time in 2012 will be carried over to 2013 as well, but probably in a more mature form. In case of web design, the device that will get priority now is not the desktop, but mobile. Web designers will be prioritizing on the “Mobile first” approach. But designing the same website for two different platforms is time-taking, that is why they have to resort to the responsive technique of web design.


With more than 40% of web users accessing Internet through mobile devices, web designers will have to strive to achieve the right balance between the content that is being displayed on desktop and on mobile, because now users seek to get access to the whole content through their mobile.


Hence, responsive web design and adaptive web design will have a very bright future in 2013. What’s more, now tablets and laptops have also made glorious entry into the scene, so now the sites are being optimized to enhance the experience of touch. This also entails that the structure of websites must be revised to complement the feel of touch.


This will contribute to increasing the comfort as well as usability of the website for those who will access it through tablet and touch phones. Study has shown that users of the touch screen mobile phones do not prefer the option of typing which gives rise to another trend- that of reusing the user account that already exists on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. So the web designers have to come up with some measure to protect the user accounts of their customers, so that the users’ privacy doesn’t get compromised.


Another trend that will be noticed in case of the e-commerce websites will be necessitated by the fact that now-a-days most of the clients purchase products through websites and try to acquire information about the things that they are about to buy by searching Internet. In this case, urgency will be felt to spare the customers the pain of wandering through the whole website and instead to make them reach their target page of a particular site as quickly as possible, which will herald the death of the home page for the e-commerce sites. Besides, there will be endeavors to add a touch of humanity to the web-browsing experience by including a number of videos.


There is no doubt that all these trends will keep the hands of the web designers full and they will be compelled to wear many hats on their head by acting as developers, You Tube stars, bloggers, problem-solvers and innovators who will design as well as suggest useful solutions. While this pressure of multitasking might cause a head spin, but will in turn gift you with an exciting opportunity to put your various skills at test. So if you are in the web designing business, you can definitely look forward to have a challenging time ahead this year.



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