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5 Web Design Trends To Drive More Traffic in 2015

Casey Guss, CEO, Acrendo Medical Software

For the last few months, there have been couple of talks in this blog section on why websites need to maintain an updated look. With the emergence of new technologies, websites need to keep themselves equipped with frequent changes so that visitors can experience a smooth user interface, no matter from where they access.

The reason you develop a website is because, first – you want to reach out to your target audience over the world wide web and second- it becomes your company’s representative. As a representative, it is necessary to ensure your site’s look is frequently refreshed with new changes along with new technological introduction. As we head on to the New Year, it is now the perfect time to get down and note down the upcoming web design trends that will replace the existing ones.

Which Web Design Trends Would You Follow?

#1. Going Responsive

Your website should be responsive by now! Recent estimates predict smart phone users to rise by 2 Billion in 2015, which leaves you no option other than going responsive. Responsive designs make your website accessible from any device, no matter what the screen size is.

Besides, as we witness the latest technological advances, responsive design is no more centered only around smart phones and tablets. Designs also need to be flexible for anyone who tries to view from a smart watch or a smart TV.

If you want to score high in the SERP, then you have got to get your site responsive. This makes Google’s task of indexing your page easier and hence is recommended by the search engine giant.

#2. Demand For Scrolling Option

This New Year, web designers would adopt new techniques in their work and the scroll option would be one thing they would like to adopt most. Since, the number of mobile users continue to increase, scrolling is seen to be a more preferable navigation option than clicking. It reduces the additional time taken to upload a page, is easier to use and allows a constant flow of information.

While big names such as Apple and Google already feature this in their site, a large number of other web designers have started to take the plunge as well.

#3. Preference Of High Resolution Images

Previously low resolution images were uploaded due to minimum band width. However, a large number of internet users now have high speed internet connection. So, the time taken to upload high resolution pictures no longer stands as an issue. Rather it is preferred the most. Besides uploading large file images, many new techniques are also being introduced for extraction of dominant colors to be used for the background, responsive image resize and good image optimization to reduce the maximum time taken to load a page.

#4. Use Of Flat Designs

Going simple is the new trend followed in web design. Flat design focuses on the minimal usage of design elements such as colors and typography, to keep the site clutter free, fast, lean and content driven. This helps visitors to engage more with the content, without being influenced by distractions.

#5. Popularity Of Web Graphics

This is very much alike infographics – Webgraphics. It is the graphical representation of information and consists of elements that encourage users to interact physically with the available information. Comparatively, webgraphics are more appealing than infographics and will become a major factor in the field of modern web design.

Web designers are sure to witness more changes in elements and techniques. While some of these new trends will take a pivotal role in web design, you can expect them to emerge as prominent elements to drive more traffic in 2015.

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