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The Vital Principles Of An Effective Startup Website

Startup Website Growth

Startups do not have the privilege of a humongous budget or an enormous manpower like the big brands. Therefore, startups cannot afford to experiment too much when it comes to their marketing campaigns. They have a limited budget to spend, and a limited number of employees to work with.


However, there is one thing that remains the same for both big brands and startups – the power and authority held by the official website. As I’ve pointed out earlier on numerous occasions, the official website of a business is its storefront… and it can make or break its reputation in an instant. But there is a little glitch when it comes a startup website. While an ineffective web design won’t hamper a big brand’s popularity too much, a single web design blunder from a startup can ruin its reputation permanently.


Startup Website Growth

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The design of a startup website must incorporate all the right elements and engage the right audience. Therefore, web designers must keep in mind 4 vital principles while designing a super-effective startup website:


#1. Function of the Website


Define the function of the website at the very beginning and building the website around its core. If the website deals only with imparting information, then going with popular open-source CMS like WordPress or Drupal is the best bet. If the website involves selling products online, then go for a trusted e-commerce software solution like Magento or Shopify.


#2. Incorporate the Brand


What is the winning recipe of a successful startup? The answer is simple: “brand awareness”. But does this mean that a startup should just create a unique, catchy logo and stay content with just placing it at the corner of its homepage? Absolutely NO! Incorporate your brand into every aspect of your site. Make great use of elements like the color scheme, the write-ups and the images to associate your business idea with your products. Only then, your visitors will be able to identify you and also remember you.


#3. The Mobile Audience


If you are aware of the latest web design trends, then you must be aware that catering to the mobile audience is all-important. People are using mobile devices to access the Web more and more, and this is the reason why a startup web design must incorporate responsive techniques. This will allow the website to fit instantly onto any standard mobile device’s frame, and make every mobile visitor leave with satisfaction.


#4. Sweat the Small Stuff


Even the smallest detail is important to make a startup website tick. You need to research and test every detail: the CTAs should be clear and distinct, the images should be attractive and relevant, the content should be engaging and informative, etc. As a startup cannot afford to make any mistake with its website, it is therefore extremely essential to pay minute attention to every element present.


If a startup does all these things to perfection, its website will definitely make its online presence soar like it has never done before.

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