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How To Turn A Landing Page From Good To Great?

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“A landing page is the new direct marketing, and everyone with a website is a direct marketer.


Before the content, it is the design that web visitors see in a landing page. They will be taking a desirable action only if they are impressed and comfortable with the place they “land in”. Therefore, it is important that a landing page is completely flawless – perfectly designed and concisely informative. In short, a landing page needs to be a treat to the senses. Only then, it is possible to have a steadily growing conversion rate.


Before we move forward, let us take a look at the 5 main functions of a landing page:


  • It convinces visitors to visit a different page
  • It makes visitors buy certain services or products
  • It promotes visitors to tell their friends
  • It persuades visitors to follow your business
  • It influences visitors to leave a comment or give a feedback


Both the ‘good’ and ‘great’ landing pages adhere to these 5 functions mentioned above. So where is the room for rectification? There is a room; and in order to get there, we have to understand what a good landing page is.


landing page


What is a good Landing Page?


A good landing page is always very high on information. However, it is not necessarily a profit-making and leading generating machine. Do not expect to see a cutting-edge layout or an awe-inspiring design in a good landing page. The layout is clean and clutter-free with minimal use of design elements. But still, there is something missing.


As I pointed out earlier, a good landing page has ample information to please the visitors. Leave aside the design, even the information is flat on the face. Most of the times, this flatness fails to create a lasting impression and, as a result, the rate of repeat visits remain low.


What makes a Landing Page great?


Studies have shown that when web visitors visit a landing page, the primary question on their minds is: “Can I trust this website?” This is a very obvious question. And why shouldn’t it be? Visitors need to connect one element to another with the help of a proper premise. It is the premise that keeps the visitors hooked to a landing page until the very last moment.


Moreover, our first judgment about something is always based on its appearance. We move on to the next level only if our eyes are impressed. Although it sounds a little rude, but it’s the appearance that matters at first. This is how our psyche works! And this is where a good landing page does not become a great landing page.


Visitors should not only feel interested to keep on reading what is written, but also get excited with the look and feel of a landing page. Therefore, we can conclude that a strong premise and an eye-grabbing design have the power to create a great landing page.

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