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Tracking Mobile Phones Visitors to Your Site

It is not enough to have a business website ready for visitors using a mobile internet connection through iPhones, Androids, Blackberry or through some other mobile phone. In order to make the full use of the mobile phone traffic to your business site, you need to understand their characteristics and analyze their general behavior.

Analyzing and tracking visitors from mobile phones and mobile phone browsers is not rocket science, and can be done quite easily and for free through Google Analytics itself. All you need to do is have GA installed on your site, and setup an advanced section for tracking mobile visitors to your site. This can be done in a few simple steps.

Steps to Customize Google Analytics for Tracking Mobile Internet Users to your Site:

  • Assuming you already have GA setup for your business site, log in to Google Analytics and open the Dashboard for your business site.


  • On the left sidebar, click on “Advanced Segments“.


  • As the window changes, you will find “Create New Custom Segment“. Click on this option.


  • The left sidebar changes. Click “Visitors” under “Dimensions“, and a drop-down menu appears.


  • Drag and drop “Mobile” from the menu and place it on “Dimension or Metric” on the main window.


  • Make sure “Condition” is set to be “Matches Exactly” and “Value” is set to be “Yes“.


  • Name the new segment as “Mobile” at the bottom of the page and save the form.


This completes the procedure for customizing Google Analytics for tracking visitors from mobile phones to your site.

Checking or Tracking your Site’s Mobile Visitors

Now to analyze the data GA is generating for you with regards to mobile visitors to your site,

  • Open the GA Dashboard for your business site


  • Click on Visitors in the left sidebar


  • Click on Mobile in the Drop-down Menu


  • Select Devices or Carrier according to your choice


Track the mobile visitors to your site in this way and analyze their behavior to understand how to make the full use of this platform to gain more customers and conversions for your business.

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