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Three Dreadful Mistakes to Avoid in Web Designing


Designing the perfect website depends on various factors and indeed, it is more tuff than plucking the right domain name and uploading couple of pretty image. Rather, the onus lies with the business entrepreneurs to include relevant information about their brand and offer a visual treat to the visitors through the compelling design.

Now if you thing it all ends here, Wait! There’s a lot more to it. Adorning the pages with mind-wobbling graphics and images will rarely entice visitors if the navigation is appalling and haphazardly arranged. You can surely break the shackles of being conventional and flex your creative muscles, but simply cannot afford to commit these mistakes-

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Mistake Number One – Complicated Design

We understand your desire to use every technical trick in the book and embed those bells and whistles into your website, but, hang on! Do not even think of pleasing your dire wish at the cost of your business. Integrating tons of flash or animated graphics will not cast a spell on your target visitors, rather it will bore them off! Furthermore, these extravagant graphical elements might increase the page loading time – something that will frustrate your visitors.

If your website doesn’t load quickly and accurately in every browser, they will leave and might never return. So, win over your idle desire and choose design elements that will enrich user-experience. Remember, less is more when it comes to website design.

Mistake Number Two – Overflowing content

You have three seconds to convey your message to the visitors on a web page before they click away to the other pages or seek for other options. So, never commit the dreadful mistake of filling up pages with too much of text, photos or information.

Instead, prioritize quality over quantity and convey the message about the specific brand or service that you specialize in. Complement this message with relevant images. You aims should always be to keep the website design simple yet creative, intuitive yet easy to follow for the visitors.

Mistake Number Three – Do not Copy Your Competitors

It’s alright to analyze your competitors’ strategy and stay vigilant on the recent services they have unveiled or the products they have launched, but it’s a sin to copy them just because you think their design and lay-out mesmerizes visitors. Instead, you need to find a way to carve a winning-edge over your competitors!

Follow the simple guidelines and unchain the creative force to convey your messages in your own way. The design and the content should uphold the unique aspect of your business and the visitors should be able to visually communicate with our products/services.

A Final Note –


Web design services should encompass all those features that ensure effectiveness. Avoid making amateurish mistakes, use simple graphics, fonts and colors. You simply need to get the basic right and adhere to an intuitive approach to carve a commendable web presence.

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