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Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Host For Your Website

Web hosting companies perform the essential function of connecting a website to the Internet. Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs to ensure that the hosting company they chose does not cause unnecessary complications in the process of a website meeting its requisite goals.

For entrepreneurs, it is necessary to understand the different types of hosting facilities, and their basic characteristics to make the right decision. Let us look into the details of the different plans.


The Different Types Of Web Hosting Plans

Entrepreneurs often come across different plans while searching for the perfect platform for hosting their website. Some of the options are as follows:

  • Individual Plans: These are extremely affordable. Some packages like HostGator’s introductory pack is priced at 3.96 dollars per month, and the entire pack can be used for three years. Such plans are generally used for hosting a single domain, and certain features like data storage and bandwidth are rather limited. Such plans are best for startups which do not expect too much of Internet traffic in the initial years of online business.


  • Dedicated Servers: Individual plans are also known as “shared hosting plans”. This is simply because the space that is available on a hosting server is shared between two or more webmasters. When websites record an increasing flow of inbound Internet traffic, or, the website has been developed and integrated with several high-end features, and effective navigation tools, then the scope of a limited plan might seem rather restrictive. In such cases, companies need to opt for servers which can host the website of an individual company. These plans, however, are costlier. HostGator’s dedicated servers are priced at 139 dollars per month. While planning to expand the capacity of one’s business, it is necessary for entrepreneurs to consider both types of servers, and ensure that there are provisions for transferring accounts.


  • Reseller Accounts: These hosting platforms occupy a special position between dedicated server arrangements, and individual plans. Therefore, clients can make arrangements for multiple individual plans, all of which can be maintained within a single account. The prices of these plans generally vary between 10 and 20 dollars per month, and are ideally suited for businesses that more than two smaller websites.


Things To Look For In A Hosting Plan

Once the type of plan has been decided, certain other issues need to be considered before deciding on one particular server. These issues are as follows:

  • Cost: Although it is safe to choose servers that are reasonably priced, it is best to avoid free hosting platforms altogether, as they are highly unreliable, and on-site advertisements are used to subsidize the low price range.


  • Customer Reviews: It is easiest to judge the quality of a hosting server by virtue of the customer reviews that have been posted in the “Comment” section of the website. There are many hosts that build websites overnight, and make tall promises to beguile customers, however, it is best to opt for a host whose website has authentic comments and reviews.


  • Customer Support: Even the most experienced webmasters, and website owners are dependent on the customer support team of their hosting platform. Errors in the backend are nothing uncommon, and it is wise to opt for a service that can provide technical help during such emergencies, and thereby prevent business websites from loosing potential prospects. The company should respond quickly to emails and phone calls, and should have a group of executives who can be contacted on the messengers used for chatting.


  • Bandwidth Allowances And Storage: Recent schemes of hosting plans allow business owners to use unlimited bandwidth and disk space. However, business owners must still pay personal attention and ensure that there is enough space for websites to operate effectively.


  • Script Support: The final point that needs to be considered is the in-built support provided by hosting companies to support popular web scripts. For instance, there are some servers which make the process of installing WordPress relatively easy, as they have in-built script packages. Hence, if webmasters wish to run their websites on WordPress, they should do adequate research, and find the correct platform, as some hosts have limited capacity for MySQL databases that are essential for websites running on WordPress.


To include, it can be inferred that a good hosting platform is as important a factor for the success of a website, as is the overall design and layout. Hence entrepreneurs must pay special attention while choosing the host server, as the effectiveness and functionality of one greatly determines the conversion rate of a business.

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