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The Web Design Elements That Help Increase Conversion Rates

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I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll say it again: “A successful website grabs the attention of your visitors, and converts them into customers. A successful website is not an award-winning website. It is a lead-generating, profit-making machine.”


It’s not all about your services and products, and it’s definitely not about the beautiful pictures on the dedicated landing pages. Your efforts will all go in vain if your conversion rate is stagnant. You might have everything in order and functioning perfectly, but still, nothing could happen. In such a case, it is the design of your website you need to take a hard look at. And why not? The famous saying “great products will sell themselves” holds true only when it comes to a brick-and-mortar store. An online store, on the other hand, needs to have an extremely solid framework to make sure it is having a steady rate of conversion.


web design blog


And therefore, I’m focusing on 4 web design elements that can fuel your online presence, and make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.


No.1: Accessibility and Navigation


Truth be told, accessibility and navigation are the bread-and-butter of an effective web design. Without these two working properly, the entire website will fall down to pieces. Web designers, therefore, must make sure that they do not present too many features initially; or else, it might be overwhelming for the visitors and they might get easily confused. The best way to get this done is by having a clean sitemap, a well-defined hierarchy, and a very sticky conversion path for informational shoppers.


No.2: Visuals and Emotions


I’m sure you’ve known by now that due to the recent change in visitor preferences, visual content will be having a better footboard than textual content from now on. Today’s customers are using Smartphones, Tablets and iPads; and they are more demanding (and impatient) than ever. They hardly have the time to read long textual content any more. Your focus should be on integrating more images and videos – so that visitors find you interesting enough to purchase from you.


No.3: Call to Action


The CTA or Call to Action buttons are the ‘Life Force’ of your conversions. If the CTA buttons of your website are not on the right places, then it’s truly going to be your worst nightmare. Moreover, they also need to have great visibility, even when the website is getting viewed using smaller devices. Web designers must follow the F-shaped pattern, use easily noticeable typography, and effective color combinations to make the buttons have a high CTR.


No.4: Pathing


Is this something new you are stumbling upon here? Fret not, pathing is basically the way web designers develop a path with the sole aim of aiding the new and clueless visitors. In a way, it can be linked to navigation. However, navigation is more or less like a series, with every level carrying the same weight. Pathing, on the other hand, starts with a clear-cut and a no-brainer, and later, shifts slowly down to the heavy parts once the visitor is used to handling himself when in your website.


You need to give your visitors what they want, but also in a simple and easy way. And this is where these 4 become crucial when it comes to increasing the conversion rate of your website.

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