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The Future of Mobile SEO – Mobile SEO Challenges


SEO companies have always tried their best to stay on top of the changes in search engine algorithms and updates in order to ensure their client sites get ranked. Search engine programmers, on the other hand, have always tried to come up with newer and foolproof updates for their algorithms to provide online searchers the most authentic and accurate results. And suddenly we have mobile phones in the picture – the impact of which needs some serious consideration today.

Most of us will not be surprised if you have searched for Mobile Search Engine Marketing information on your mobile phone and have landed up on this page. Mobile phones have taken over the internet to a great extent. More and more people are using their mobile phones for information and browse the internet today – solely because of the freedom to be on the move, the ease of connection, and the readily available internet technologies at hand.


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So search marketers have suddenly focused on getting their client sites to rank on mobile devices, or on searches made through mobile devices. A number of constraints come into play under such circumstances.

  • Most SEO Pros will tell you that the page load time is a huge factor in helping your site to rank for mobile searches


  • Submission to mobile web directories specifically made to list mobile websites is (can be) another technique


  • Mobile xml sitemaps are a great way to get your mobile website pages indexed on search engines


However, there are some very tough challenges that have come up for SEO professionals as well. For example,

  • Searches can return results based on GPS information soon (even though it is not in practice already). This promotes higher authenticity for location based search results


  • Mobile based searches mean that the results can be made more personalized, simply based on the mobile phone number – even if the user is not logged into their Google or other similar accounts. Mobile phones are personal devices, unlike computers that are often shared.


  • The popularity of mobile apps has made it a nightmare for mobile search marketers. Mobile Apps let users personalize their profile to the minutest details, and therefore the search results they get back from search apps (Shazam, WikiTude, etc) are more authentic and relevant for them. This makes it very tough for SEO experts to invade the space with their client sites


  • With Mobile Apps becoming so popular, through stores like Android Market, Google’s new Mobile Application Market called Campfire, search engines have started considering search results of apps as well to decide which results are more relevant for searches made and there are a number of other constraints that have come up for mobile SEO professionals today. Therefore the future of mobile SEO depends a lot on how efficient internet marketers are in spreading the word about their sites, not only through search engines, but through social media platforms, forums, and even through the most popular mobile applications in use today.And that is definitely a big challenge for mobile search marketing experts, but good news for the genuine searcher online!


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