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The Free Google CR-48 Chrome Test Notebooks?


So what is this entire Google Chrome OS and free Notebooks buzz all about? Is Google really giving away laptops for free?

Most of us have heard about the new operating system that Google has come up with – the Chrome OS. However, are you aware how far Google has gone to ensure the OS is exactly what the customers might be after?

Google has come up with a plan to distribute Cr-48 Chrome Notebooks, for free, amongst a group of participants who in turn are expected to provide genuine feedback to Google regarding the efficiency and the issues seen with the Chrome OS and the Google Test Notebook.




Image Source: gizmodo.com


Now there are a few very unique features associated with these CR-48 Google Notebooks. First of all, this notebook does run on the conventional types of applications. Rather, it is bent more towards web based applications that only work when you are online! So your notebook may be very little more than plastic if you are not someone for whom computing and internet go hand in hand. However, we are yet to find out how far this may affect the user.

Some of the most notable features of the Chrome CR-48 Notebook from Google are

  • Speed – 10 sec boot as an example


  • Security – the Defense in Depth principle with protection through multiple layers


  • Great connectivity – 3g, Wi-Fi


  • Perfect for the web – host of free web applications (and also paid ones)


  • Designed to perform perfectly for developers and business users


  • Comparatively lower cost of operation and purchase


The B3NET.com’s inhouse web designers of Orange County had tested all the possibilities associated with this upcoming notebook – including the specs, the promised pricing, the projected web efficiency, and finally the price. And here is what they had to say:

  • Really effective for web oriented users


  • Good investment for businesses – performance and security


  • Faster and smoother for developers and programmers


  • More personal for individual users


  • Definitely not the item to go for if you don’t have the internet with you!


Want to know more about whether you qualify for the free Google Chrome CR-48 Notebook as a part of the pilot program? Check out with Google today and fill out the application form today. Best of luck!


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