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The Essential Design Elements Of A Great E-Commerce Website

Ecommerce Elements

Businesses nowadays do not just rely on their brick-and-mortar stores when it comes to selling their products and services. These businesses are wary of the Internet’s powerful presence, and are therefore, keen on utilizing it to increase their sales. Hence, the e-commerce websites have taken up the Internet world by storm in order to offer greater reach and accessibility of their wares to their existing and potential clients.


And it’s all up to the web designers to cater to the needs and wants of the e-commerce website owners. If web designers think closely, however, they will soon realize that the success of an e-commerce website is based on two pillars – usability and functionality. These two factors actually determine whether an e-commerce website will make it big in the market or sink without a trace.



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These two pillars can be broadly divided into five factors – the factors that have the power to transform a regular e-commerce website in to an awesome e-commerce website. What are these factors? Let’s have a look:




When it comes to the search box of your e-commerce website, it needs to be impeccable. More than the categories, most visitors will rely on the search bar to go directly to the items they want to buy. In short, the search bar is the Life Force of your website. And if it is not functioning to its full potential, they’ll just increase the pogo-sticking rate of your website by choosing your competitor.


Shopping Cart


If you want your visitors to spend money on buying your products, then they should be able to access the shopping cart from every web page. Moreover, the shopping cart itself needs to be extremely easy to use. From adding and deleting items to proceeding with the payment and delivery options, your visitors will come expecting the basics working smoothly. However, you can take the level further by adding features like multiple shipping options and zip code-based shipping estimates.


CTA Buttons


An e-commerce website is completely useless without the CTA buttons. C’mon now, you can’t just put up a pretty picture of a product without a button that can help your visitors buy it, can you? You need to make sure that the design of the CTA buttons are catching the attention of your visitors well enough. And most importantly, they need to work properly. If there is a problem with the functionality of the CTA buttons, it’ll make your website ineffective and also hamper your popularity.

Product Showcase


Images of your products play a huge role in convincing your visitors to go ahead with the purchase. In fact, this is the last place where they might try to save some money. As a result, you need to ensure that you put up clear, gorgeous and fully HD photos of your products. If the images are dark and hazy, it shows a sheer lack of professionalism. And it’s a big excuse for your visitors to leave your website immediately.



There is absolutely no way your visitors will buy your products without knowing if the transaction process is safe or not. Let’s be honest; even you wouldn’t have invested on a product if you would have felt uneasy while giving away your payment details. So what are the things you require to make the payment transaction secure? First, you need a reputed payment gateway. Second in line is a current SSL certificate. Also, make sure that you encrypt all communications and you do not save any credit card info of your customers.


In these 5 easy design steps done perfectly, you can create a very useful and user-friendly e-commerce website for your business. So, get your design and development team ready!

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