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Storytelling: The Best Way To Drive Traffic Into Your Website


Storytelling is one of the oldest habits of modern civilization. Ever since we learned to communicate and understand each other, we have been telling stories. It originated from the ancient days when cave dwellers used to draw images of their activities on walls, and it continues to reign supreme even today (where we have found numerous other mediums to tell our stories, of course).




Why has storytelling been so popular? Because it is not only a way to communicate concepts and ideas, but is also an interesting way of keeping an audience engrossed and hungry for more. At a time when your website is the storefront of your business and a gateway to increased conversions, storytelling is surely one of the key components that can play a crucial role in turning the tides in your favor. After all, web design is also about communicating concepts and ideas, isn’t it?

Storytelling, in modern times, can take place using different mediums. And most of these mediums are applicable in web design too. So what’s keeping you from integrating these elements into your website? Don’t you want your business to be a hit?


Copy and Storytelling


The most potent element that aids in storytelling is the words used on a website. Ever since humans started speaking, words have been the most preferred medium when it comes to relaying messages or information. So the first thing website owners must make sure of is generating a copy which is catchy and punchy. If an interesting edge to the copy is brought forward along with telling the visitors about the business and its services, then it will garner their attention quickly. And no matter how much images and videos are coming into the front lines, a solid copy still holds its place at the top of the ladder.


Mascots and Storytelling


We all know how an image can have the worth of a thousand words. But do you know that website mascots can also play an important role in storytelling? Let us take MailChimp as an example. Its mascot, Freddie the monkey, is spot-on on humorous elements and highly effective in keeping the visitors glued with its mannerisms; however, Freddie never forgets its actual goal of communicating the corporate philosophy of MailChimp. While Freddie is all smiles and doing his best to keep the visitors entertained, he also makes sure that visitors can easily relate to and like MailChimp’s down-to-earth approach.


Parallax and Storytelling


As far as I can remember, my first tryst with the parallax method was in Super Mario Bros 3, one of the first arcade games to use this technique. This creative web design technique is extremely effective in storytelling, allowing visitors to know more about a business through animated objects and characters. And if you ask for my honest opinion, I’ll call the parallax technique the most efficient one when it comes to storytelling in modern web design. The 3D effects brought forward in this technique using high-quality images and useful information can (literally) make it difficult for a visitor to hit the ‘Back’ button.


A website can also tell its story using unique illustrations. It can also make good use of its social media presence and share its story with its followers. So no matter what a website does with its design and development, it must always remember to attract and engage its visitors. And storytelling is the perfect way to get things rolling down the right path.

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Sudeep Banerjee

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