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Social Media Marketing – The Perfect Business Solution


The latest online business solution is to get the access of the Social Media. Within a year social media jumped from a total uncertain strategy for the business development to a stable fixture of the same and now has become the prime tool for the business development.

90% that we have surveyed agreed to the fact that Social Media has helped them to grow their business. 67% of the self employed and 66% of the business owners are in the list.


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Benefits for the business house –

  • It will help you to increase your exposure. (88% commented that SM helps in getting them the market, while 72% confirmed that they could increase the traffic with the help of SM).
  • Dividends are paid by the investment of the time – if you can spend time effectively and wisely, you will surely get the result. 75% getting benefited by the SM said 6 hours a week is enough for it.

Tool kit

What else other than Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Surprisingly Facebook beat Twitter! Can you believe this? 2010 survey states this. Moreover 81% are not using MySpace!


It is getting most widely used than the others. 80% of the self employed and 78% of the business houses are using LinkedIn. They commented on increase of their sales.

Video Marketing


A bit more interactive, as here the communication with the other end is possible and that can be done effectively. Moreover, the consumers just have to see it to get the knowledge about the product. 82% are found getting profit out of it.


Outsourcing –


Before 2010 just 28% if the business houses thought of these, which has increased by 100%. But still now the marketers get confused on how to do this? Just 34% of the business house and 24% of the self employed are thorough with it.


Traditional method –


Email marketing – 65% of the people are found getting benefitted with the help of the email marketing. Another method is event marketing – this also helped 70% of the self employed and 65% of the business houses. Apart from these press releases, webinars, teleseminars, are also worth mentioning.


Small business owners find it beneficial to use Social Media for the development of their sites and also for the sales increase. Give it a try with little effort and you will get the results in no time.

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