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Smart E-Commerce Websites


Let’s start off with the annotation describing E commerce. They are websites which promotes selling products or services via the internet medium. With the ubiquitous competition present in the online world, it is important to have smart E commerce websites. Therefore only with the proper liaison of planning and incorporating tools would your E commerce website be effective and efficient.



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What do we want the website to do?


The job of Ecommerce websites is promotion of services and products, but it is compelling enough to make the key audience buy those products. So we need a website which sells and improves conversion and impels on the end users to buy the products. With the three click rule (reach wherever within the three clicks of your mouse) your website should be attractive, informative and yet simplistic.


Coordinated colors and other integrated features like refined search options in the website, makes it more pliable and accessible for the end user. What do we need to make the perfect website? For a fully featured website, you need the following components in the website.


Shopping carts: Absolute essential, shopping carts can be expensive and yet is imperative to the Ecommerce website.

Mailing Lists:The mailing list enables you to stay in touch with your consumers, with this send them periodicals at regular intervals.

The Secure Socket Layer for safety: The Secure Socket Layer processes the credit cards and ensures the transaction to be safe.
Merchant account: Merchant account is imperative for credit card payments. Make sure that the payment gateway is articulated in the shopping cart before proceeding with the website.
Site promotional tools: The websites need to be promoted among the varied search engines to enable visibility andincrease the conversion rates.
Database Support: The websites can sometimes store the information of the end user either in SQL or Access. The merchant can modify and access whenever necessary and make the changes as required.


Integrating these tools ensure a smart Ecommerce website which is simple, effectual and maximizes the returns. With us design the perfect Ecommerce website that ascertains a web presence.

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