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Responsive Web design is the Emerging Winner in the Near Future


Making websites mobile ready was one such vision that many of the successful entrepreneurs could foresee and from this great vision came the concept of responsive web design. This category of web design helps in making website viewing absolutely a pleasurable experience from any other device other than the laptop be it the mobile, the tablet or the iPad. A little more about responsive web design would be, the layout of the website remains the same even when a user is viewing it through  the mobile, tablet, iPhone or any other device.


source: derrybirkett.com


The reason for creating a responsive web design are plenty so let us now quickly have a look at these points:


  • Responsive web design enhances user experience because you get the same visual treat that you would have got viewing the website on a large screen like a computer or a laptop without having to scroll left and right to get the full view in parts. The layout of the website remains the same in all the other devices.
  • It is entirely the entrepreneurs call whether they decide to make their websites responsive or not. But in most cases entrepreneurs decide on making their websites responsive in nature to broaden their user base.
  • The growing importance of responsive design has been because of the sudden growth in people accessing the Internet through their mobile. Statistics have shown us that around 83% of people resort to using their mobile to access the Internet to stay connected on their social media profiles or to view a particular website. Whatever be the case mobile is in and people consider that to be the device that comes handy in staying connected and to get access to the Internet


So much craze about responsive web design just to make the website mobile ready makes us believe that it is time for us to take it seriously and do whatever it takes to emerge as the most successful entrepreneur with a website that is just a click away from its users.

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