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Photoshop Plug-ins which make Website Designing easy


Web designers rely heavily on Adobe Photoshop to create and edit desired effects on a webpage. Whether the work requires adding a little music or some visually stunning colors, it is Photoshop which always gets the first preference. And not only this, a lot of website designs begin as a Photoshop draft.


However, the drafts need to be converted into HTML from PSD when they start getting more and more elaborate. The process of conversion from PSD to HTML is long and tedious. This is the reason why a lot of Photoshop plug-ins have been created by developers which help to facilitate this conversion. In this article, some of the most influential plug-ins have been dug up and brought out.




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A free Photoshop plug-in, CSS3Ps easily converts the Photoshop layers into CSS3 layers. It can be installed through the Adobe Extension Manager. From transparent gradients and outer glows to rounded corners and drop-shadows, the results are always amazing. CSS3Ps also speeds up the coding process and saves a lot of time. Moreover, this plug-in is user-friendly and can be easily used by novice designers.


Cut & Slice Me


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A free Photoshop plug-in, Cut & Slice Me makes the process of exporting the imagery of a finished design a lot easier and faster. While exporting, not only does it trim the unnecessary pixels, but it also cuts a group of layers perfectly. This is because it “understands” that a group must be handled as a separate object. This plug-in can export the full-resolution designs to Android and iOS with just one click. However, this plug-in is available for the CS6 version of Photoshop and versions above it.



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An unpaid Photoshop plug-in, GuideGuide makes the process of creating grids easy in Photoshop, so that the contents are arranged properly. All one needs to do is specify the basic values (gutter width, number of columns and rows, etc.) and the grid is generated instantly. If a grid is used frequently, its settings can also be kept saved for future use. This plug-in is available for the CS5 version of Photoshop and versions above it.




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The CanLinkIt plug-in can link layers of Photoshop in different files with one click. This is very effective for commonly used elements like footers, sitemap, styles and images. The files however do not update automatically but require manual triggering so that you can exclude the elements which do not need synchronization. Moreover, if a file is stored in a file storage/sync service like DropBox, you can make necessary changes to it even if someone else of your team is currently occupied with a different section of the same file. You can later merge it with just one click.





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Another unpaid Photoshop plug-in, Divine allows easy conversion into WordPress themes from Photoshop files. It has a combined FTP client which makes it perfect for someone who is not well-acquainted with coding or WordPress themes. This plug-in marks design files as WordPress variables by selecting spots in them. The codes are valid and the themes which are produced are widget ready.


No More Banding

Banding in gradients is a common issue encountered by regular Photoshop users. Banding is very common when the work is being done in 8-bit. However, it also occurs when working in 16-bit mainly when one needs to apply a fit of 8-bit. No More Banding plug-in fixes this issue by converting a document in 16-bit and adds a new cover on top of it.


There are other wonderful and time-saving Photoshop plug-ins like Mr. Stacks, SiteGrinder, DevRocket, SuperPNG and CSS Hat which greatly helps in maintaining a website. Other than the ones which have been mentioned, there surely are plug-ins that have been useful to you. If you know of a plug-in that must be a part of this list, please share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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