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When looking for compatibility in a mobile app, Hybrid Mobile App Development platform is the perfect solution, as it allows an app to operate on a variety of operating systems keeping the core code same. It allows a wider customer to reach the app along with a cheaper and faster development process. Such cross-platform mobile application development allows the introduction of new features in the different operating systems and ensures a smooth and consistent experience for users.

Our Hybrid Mobile App Development Orange County Company develops cross platform mobile apps that enjoy all the merits of PhoneGap Mobile app development.

  • Integration of different technologies – The app is developed integrating JavaScript,CSS3 and HTML5. Once coding is done, it enables us to easily compile in different operating systems.
  • Access to native apps – Hybrid Mobile App Development helps to leverage the properties of native and web applications. It offers access to all native apps.
  • Hassle free process – As in PhoneGap App Development, HTML5 enables the app to be installed in devices with different operating systems making it a hassle-free process.
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Our specialized Approach

B3NET Inc. is a reputed Orange County PhoneGap App Development Company with an impressive portfolio in both web and app development. We leverage the best of web technologies like Jquery, CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript to develop staggering apps using the software.

Our team of developers are both skilled and experienced. They are well versed with the hybrid app development frameworks combining the merits of both native and web applications. Thus, they offer PhoneGap App Development solutions which are both cheaper and quicker while having a wider audience reach. One of the most powerful technologies for cross platform mobile application is HTML5. This technology offers web pages a wide spectrum of capabilities like interactivity, hardware access, rich media and animation.

PhoneGap Services

The services provided by B3NET includes

  • Cross platform application development employing agile methodologies and single code base.
  • Smooth deployment across different OS platform which includes app testing.
  • App testing along with marketing.
  • Extensive technical and customer support with customized user-friendly solutions at low maintenance.

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