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How To Maintain Your Website Once You Launch it Online?

Web Maintenance

Hosting a website involves one set of tasks. You need to set up the right design template, think about the color and typography, which content management system to go for and make sure you have your content right for each page.

That is one part of the task done and your website is ready to launch. But what next? Is that it? How to make sure your customers know you are active online? Besides, are you really sure all the elements on your site are ‘okay’?

The answer cannot be a definite ‘YES’. Even if it is, then it is only for the time being. Website maintenance is as important as maintaining a garden. You need to take proper care or else it would turn into a junk yard with nothing new worth visiting for. For some, its fine to be like that but if you are

into serious business, then you have to ensure that its neat and active.

Why Web Maintenance Is Important?

You Are Active And Available

It is necessary for your customers to know that you are active and available, so that they keep visiting your site for new updates. You need to make your site interactive for your customers & that is why you need proper website maintenance

Get More Prospects

This is no new outbreak that online marketing supersedes retail marketing. With the increased usage of smartphones and tablets, mobile marketing would soon emerge as the new scenario. So, your current focus should be how to give your users the optimum experience, while they are shopping online from your site.

Reach Google Bots

Getting noticed by Google search engine is important to grab new customers. For this, you need to have relevant contents so that when new targets type down an inquiry, related to your site, your site comes to the top.

Nowadays, clients prefer looking up on the website to check your service, before they contact you. If your site is in good shape , your online representation could help the customer be assured that they are with the right people to do business with.

What Can You Do To Maintain Your Launched Site?


  • A/B Testing: Performing an A/B test can let you know whether your web design is working or not. Before you start a split test, frame up your own hypothesis. Having a good hypothesis would enable you to know what to change and what not. You know the green ‘Sign In’ button would generate more number of clicks but then you want to make sure your hypothesis is right by having another ‘Sign In’ button, which is red in color. This would give you the confidence to proceed with the design. Your expected hypothesis can be right or wrong. However, whatever result you get, follow it and do accordingly. If you don’t want to follow the result, you shouldn’t have gone through all the pain in the first place.
    • Google Analytics: Knowing how many number of clicks you are generating per day could help your business in the long run. With these analytics, you can keep a track as to which page your customers click the most. Use these informative resources and improve your site’s features to get the optimum output.


    • Content Management: Managing your website’s content is important since this is what you have all over the pages. Your visitors get to know you only when they read your content. Hence, the more compelling your copy is, the better. However, only an engaging copy will not do alone. It should be erudite and error free. A copy that has multiple grammatical mistakes, can have a negative impression on the readers’ mind. Thoroughly proofread all your contents before you publish anything online.

    Writing blogs and articles are also a part of content management. These are great marketing tools, which you can use to address any concern of your reader. Having an organic content for your blogs can be good to Google’s search engine bots, since they can display your content in the Answer box, for anyone looking for an answer to their query. In this way, you can get valuable leads.

    • Feedbacks and Suggestions: Getting customer’s feedback can help you know whether they are satisfied with your site or expect some new improvement. This way, you can make the necessary changes. Besides, the next time your customer visits, he/she would be glad that you gave value to their view. In this way, you can build up a good customer relationship.


    • Make Seasonal Offers: Your e-store needs to have some added advantage and that is why your customers would prefer making an online purchase. Some look for gift vouchers and some for free delivery service. You can utilize these expectations to have an added advantage over other e-commerce sites.


    • Incoming Links: They are a good way to generate more traffic and roll to the top of the SERP. However, you need to keep a constant track on the web pages to make sure that the links are directing the readers to your site. If the pages, where you have your incoming links embedded, don’t work anymore, then you could face penalization from the search engine bots for using broken lines.

    Your task does not end by simply setting up a website. You need to have a good internet marketing and website maintenance strategy to make your sites more compelling for both new and existing customers. You can do it yourself (if you know how to do it) or seek the help of professional experts to maintain you website. However, a well maintained website is indeed rewarding for any e-commerce business.

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