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Latest Designing Trends Followed by E-Commerce Web Design Companies


The elementary aspect of an e-commerce website design is the fact that it need not feature alluring flash designs or mesmerizing graphics, rather, should be thoroughly functional, user friendly, with self-promoting content that will influence the consumers to buy products. As a matter of fact, meticulous design of an e-commerce website can be one of the factors that will spearhead business towards the way of success. Few of the latest e-commerce web designing trends are discussed below.


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Go for bigger fonts and images

An e-commerce website can be immensely benefited by the use of large fonts, images, logos and buttons. These designing elements will allure the visitors and will leverage the website’s credibility to a large extent. Creative and meaningful integration of eye-catching images and bold titles will also be the best method of attracting the online consumers.

However, the designers should make sure that the website does not look claustrophobic with too many images and is easy to use and easy to navigate.

Opt for a simple look

The e-commerce web designers should preferably stick to a simple look. Playing with simple colors such as grey and white will do the job beautifully. It is better if three colors are used in the palette. This will impart a soothing effect and for spicing it up, go for the hues of the colors you have chosen. It is imperative to use neat and clean designs. Overloading the site with too many images will distract the users, so it is best to keep it simple!

Retro Designs are In

Off late, retro styles have marked a great comeback in the web designing domain. Retro-inspired web layouts, fonts and displays shall allure the visitors. Retro design themes blending with the modern functionalities will simply floor the web audience. However, achieving the retro designs is not an easy task, and the businesses can outsource the designing part to an experienced e-commerce web design company.

Embed pixel-perfect designing elements

Using pixel-perfect designing element is very important for simplifying the experience of an I-pad and tablet users. Many consumers seek to shop online via their I-pads or tablets and hence all the toolbars, buttons, and menus of the website should have perfect display in these devices as well. This will enhance the user-experience.

Use sliders

Using a slider will be great for the B2B e-commerce sites, where a lot of content has to be put in. Sliders help break the content down into little paragraphs, eliminating the stacking of the content with the designs. This will also help the users to go through the web content with ease. It also save considerable amount of space.

The aforementioned trends of e-commerce web designing can impart uniqueness to a website. However, user-friendly features and clean navigation still remains the rule of the thumb.

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