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IRS does Website Redesign

Kelly Philips Erb contributed on the Forbes “You can be as serious or as snarky, as witty or as practical, as staid or as droll (you get the idea) as you want to be. Just tell me how you would you fix the IRS home page. New color combination? New layout? New slogan? Be specific and tell me why you’re suggesting it: green is the color of money, for example.”

With technology moving fast, redesigned websites are the way to be! At least that’s what Kelly thought, and we think that it’s commendable in itself. The advent of Web 2.0 led to some changes in the website layouts. This positive onward movement initiated in the further growth of the web design market. Newer customers and clients are generated and just like a new swanky car, more heads turn your way!

Brand new, contemporary, chic and the elegant is what grabs eyeballs! Be it the new hip Armani jacket, or the exclusive branded car, people turn to see the new and the hip! Same holds true for your business websites. It’s a sort of makeover, a makeover to make you come back into new customer acquisition.

This change would keep you well-positioned; keep your website in the forefront. We redesigned some of our client’s websites and saw a direct increase in their sales. The most prominent was the success of Puretronics.com which we redesigned.

Reintroduced with a new look, the website got a bigger and a better approach after ten long years. Improved visuals, nice clean fonts and easy navigational tools were all that was needed to do the job. Overwhelmed with the success of the website, we continued to pave the way for others. Redesign, reposition for better sales!

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Sudeep Banerjee

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