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Intranet for higher productivity

Intranet allows you to create an internal network within an organization’s work structure for an effective inter communication and smooth transfer of confidential information among employees.

We design powerful intranets for companies like yours. Our intranet development team can design secure platforms from where staff members can execute vital applications and other tasks with ease. We build you a secure space from where you can exchange post or share sensitive company related information and documents with other staff members and clients. We can help you cut down your payroll cost and generate increased ROI with enhanced labour productivity and raising the confidence of your company’s stakeholders.

Customized Intranet Services

  1. Employee Engagement – News, Blogs, FAQ, Communication
  2. Knowledge Management – Search, Share documents, HR Policies and Procedures, help
  3. Business Process – Manage Projects, Tasks, Bookmark, Work instructions and procedures
  4. Change Management – Understand Company’s vision, V-Conference, Instant Message, Micro-blog
  5. Ideas & Sharing – Discuss, suggest, think outside the box
  6. Collaboration – Share, talk, improve, increase quality
  7. Information – Staff Directory, co-worker availability
  8. Corporate Culture Promotion – Interact, Update , Manage, Assign work projects
  9. Cost Effective –  Store and View data like Requisition Forms, Procedure Manuals and Internal Phone List directly from the web browser.

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Productive Intranet

Intranet is a private and secure digital communication portal, built for various organizations, business firms, enterprises, department and groups. Deliver consistent quality solutions to clients by retaining competitiveness and driving engaged efficiency. We build you intranet systems that can suit your daily business requirements. From client relationship management to document management system, we bring you modules to match your different company aspects.