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Infographics are Worth of Ten Thousand Words


Internet marketing is abuzz about writing great content and there has been a lot of focus to hook the readers with the first line at the beginning of the content because readers today have no patience to read through an entire article if it does not interest them within the first couple of seconds. The attention span of readers today are in an all time low and it swings somewhere between 5-8 seconds. Such low attention span has brought forward the biggest challenge for writers to do what it takes within 5 seconds and that is to have them glued to you and trust me that is indeed one hell of a job. But do you think that doing that all the time is possible and that to with the help of articles? Unfortunately that is not quite possible every time because creativity and aesthetic taste helps you to do that and also makes you click but not always and definitely not with each article you write. So it is important to find an alternative that can do just that of grabbing eyeballs within 5 seconds and doing it well each time. But how?


Inforgraphic Lets You do that….Pretty Well

Inforgraphics are visual representations that have the information and the graphic image kept neatly well in place to give a visual treat to readers. Infographics have been an instant hit because it is short and crisp and has the apt information written in a quirky and fun tone but sets the message straight.


Nothing Better Than an Example. Just dive in and look at an Infographics Created by B3NET at:



source: http://visual.ly/web-getting-flat

There are several reasons as to why it is an instant hit but the obvious one is – reading an infographic is fun because it manages to give a splash of interest in terms of fun images and lets you come straight to the point within a couple of seconds. So yes, basically short yet impactful. The further details as to what makes one single inforgraphic say a thousand words are mentioned in the points below. Quickly have a look at them because these facts will help you come out of your old-school thought of writing good contents and just sticking to that without being experimental at all:


  • For those who have an extremely short attention span infographics work brilliantly for them but it has also been an instant hit for those who have an increased patience since with the help of infographics they are spoilt for choice whether they should stick to their old love of reading articles or switch towards infographics.
  • It tends to be more engaging because people get the message in two or three sentences with great images and visuals. All this happens in such a short span of time that they are left wanting for more. The lingering feeling of wanting for more does the trick of keeping them engrossed and engaged for a very long time.
  • Needless to say that infographs are loaded and stuffed with the right information and the right pictures. Since people don’t bother much about introducing the topic and using fancy words and they directly jump on telling people about the things that they wish to share makes it so much loved by all. It’s more like if somebody is hungry it is better to give them the food than to start by allowing them just to smell it.
  • Since inforgraphs have a very quirky way of sending across the message hence people love to share it with others. People always enjoy good stuff and love to share it with others because they think that sharing it is worth it. So the more people love inforgraphs and share it with the rest the better traffic it will generate.
  • The gloss that infographics have is visually appealing and makes the entire look very attractive so it is best to stick to the current trend and enjoy all the attention that infographics gather for you and your business.


It is time to break free from the old school thought process that writing great articles is all that it takes to be on top of the game. That does not mean that article writing is a closed chapter but in today’s time if you wish to stay ahead in the rat race then you need to strike the right balance between infographics and article writing to see people talking about you and how you sweep a major chunk of the traffic to your website.

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