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The Impact Of Human Faces In Web Design

human faces in web design

It’s in our nature to try to draw a line of familiarity with everything we see around us, and we start feeling comfortable and reassured if we stumble upon something familiar. In the world of web design, a visitor feels immediately connected once he/she recognizes the content on a website and relates to the topic being talked about. As suggested by numerous surveys, images on websites have the greatest impact on the human mind, especially if the image is of a human face.


A human face is an extremely powerful design element – it is capable of triggering emotions. Why? Our minds are programmed in such a way that something is automatically set in motion when we see human face. So when an element has an authority of this caliber, shouldn’t we use it more often in web design? Here are some reasons to get you started:

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#1. Catching the Attention of your Visitors


What is the most basic advantage of using human faces in web design? They are great when it comes to catching a visitor’s attention, especially when the images tend to be big in size. A human face negates the touch of hardcore professionalism and adds personality to a website. It induces a personal space where a visitor becomes more comfortable to enter a website.


#2. Guiding their Line of Sight


Now that you’ve caught the attention of your visitors, it’s time to guide their line of sight. A human face itself can serve the purpose. While you are walking down the road, how many times have you turned your head to look at something everyone around you is looking at? If you are not lost deep in thought, I’ll take that to be 8 out of 10 times. We are instinctively a curious lot by nature. Whenever you are using a human face on your website, make sure you place the most important content to the direction where its eyes are looking. As I said before, you’ll follow the line of sight 8 out 10 times.


#3. Visualizing Emotions


No matter where your target audiences live, there is something common in all of them – their emotional expressions are always the same. In fact, it’s the same in all of us. We know that an angry face means that the person is feeling agitated. You need to take this into consideration, and visualize emotions by using emotional expression in your web design. For example, a person’s smiling face while he is using your product expresses a lot more than 1000 words.


#4. Creating a Sphere


If a single face can do so much, can you imagine what a group of human faces will do to your web design? Just like a smiling face indicates the person is feeling happy, many happy faces together can be lot more impactful. It will simply mean that they are having a greater amount of fun. Together, many human expressions can create a sphere. And if a sphere is sending out a positive vibe, it’s natural for to be a part of that sphere too.


#5. Building an Authority


Human faces, especially the well-known ones, are great when it comes to building an authority. This holds true when celebrities advertise for brands as people love to follow their favorite celebrities. However, you must also be a little careful as it’s important that you use their faces within their field of expertise (like, you can’t use the face of a politician if your website has anything to do with makeup). In this case, a famous actress or a model is usually the most preferred choice.





Other than these points, a human face is also effective in creating trust, adding a visual appeal and helping people relate more easily. So what do you think? Will you give this post a thumbs-up and try this out in your website? Do forget to let me know what you think.


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